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what's gonna happen if i take 4 advils pm?

i can't sleep.... i need to sleep .. i'm thinking on taking some advil pm.. i already took 2 last night but it didn't work.. if i take 4 do u think i'll be able to sleep?????

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    It shouldn't hurt you, though it is not a good idea. 4 Advils = 800mg. of Ibuprofen. Not good for the ol' liver. Try taking regular Benadryl. Diphenhydramine is the ingredient that is in Advil and Tylenol PM that makes you drowsy. You don't need the painkillers. Benadryl's only active ingredient is diphenhydramine. If 2 don't work, try 3 before trying 4, because it can cause nightmares sometimes, and can definitely make you tired & groggy all next day if you overdo it.

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    The active ingredient that is going to help you sleep is diphenhydramine. You can get the generic Benadryl and it should do the job just as well. (Benadryl=diphenhydramine HCL). As for taking 4 advil P.M. I wouldn't recommend it since you'll be taking 800 mg of ibuprofen. It looks like Advil P.M. has 38 Mg of diphenhydramine per capsule. Benadryl has 25 Mg per tablet and its suggested to take 1-2 tablet(s). Talk to your doctor. maybe they can prescribe you something for you to help you go to sleep.

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    NO......overdosing does no good because over a certain amount (it should say on the bottle) there is no added effect (if that makes sense) it is really bad for your liver and could kill you.

    My dad did that when I was 9 and he almost died. :(

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