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landing on Mars/Landing on the Moon?

I've been intrigued recently by the number of people who've said they think the moon landings on 1960-whenever were a load of baloney. Would be interested to know how many of you actually believe people landed on the moon 40-odd years ago. Or was it all a bunch of propaganda to make America feel good?

Ditto question to this week's 'landings on Mars' - can we reply on the US to tell the truth when they claim to have landed a robot there?


sorry, typing too fast - I meant 'rely'

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    Propoganda. NASA is just one huge phoney institute filled with corrupt people. Their financial books don't ever add up and the amount of tax payers money which is hoovered up (multiple billions each year) with nothing to show for it is outstanding. And gullible people (joe public) let this still happen? These people are nothing more than unscrupulous conmen.

    Why do they still use dodgy cameras on all the flights? I have never seen pristine footage and a tour of any of the apparent 'space crafts'. Why is there no decent footage of any manned space mission out there even with todays solid state technology. I want to see high-definition footage without noise and speckles. And it's always the same shot of astronauts doing the same poses and illusions - which anyone can create with a camera and a bit of skilled cinematography and trickery. I want to see the instrumentation - I want to see more than the narrow shots they always feed the gullible with. I want to see buttons being pressed and see things happen. I want to see panoramic views outside and uncut panning. Do they really think all people are that stupid?

    Why are there no proper accounts of where the money goes? They get billions upon billions of taxpayers money - and people get nothing out of it. This money is being squandered if not laundered and pocketed by rich elite thieves.

    Troubling new doubts were raised about NASA's financial management. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the agency's auditor, issued a disclaimed opinion on NASA's 2003 financial statements. PwC complained that NASA couldn't adequately document more than $565 billion — billion — in year-end adjustments to the financial-statement accounts, which NASA delivered to the auditors two months late. Because of "the lack of a sufficient audit trail to support that its financial statements are presented fairly," concluded the auditors, "it was not possible to complete further audit procedures on NASA's September 30, 2003, financial statements within the reporting deadline established by [the Office of Management and Budget]."

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    Good question,

    the first moon landing had tons of conspiracy theories revolving around it before they even landed, and after they did it just took off. (but dont all conspiracies)

    Some of the major things people where going on where how the pictures taken from the lunar landing site had no stars in the sky you would think their be tons with no atmosphere. skeptics say because astronomers would be able to tell a fake. the reason? low light camera the moon is bright! direct light from the sun with no atmosphere to block it out and with the low light would erase stars.

    Another large piece people often use is, well if we made it on July 20, 1969 and we have better tech now , why is it so hard to land there now. Safty is the main reason, cccp had beat us into space, on every thing prior this and at the times it was deemed important for the US to make the next big leap "the moon". As anyone that was part of that will tell you, there was only a small chance of making it, and it was almost scrubbed on many accounts, including landing with less then 5 minutes of fuel.

    After manned space flights became more normal, NASA had a string of bad rep plus disasters that all but stopped the program.

    I beleive we landed, and i beleive those in the craft bought a lotto ticket and got lucky. Had safty standards been as high then as now, we would not of went to the moon.

    I also feel its not really a great feat of the US, but a great feat that mankind in general was able to reach out from our tiny little rock and touch what no one other of our species had.If you reasearch the conspiracy theories you can normally find a non government or nasa person that can completely shoot that theory full of holes.

    And Mars will be much diffrent cause its many countries working togather not just one, so the conspiracies will be lessened. (but still there)

    Hope it helped.

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  • Anonymous
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    Problem here is who can prove anything like this one way or another. I do believe we landed on the moon and i do think they have rovers sending images from mars and yes i think they are on the mars surface now. I guess we could prove the moon thing though. We have very powerfull telescopes right, well if someone could point one of those at the moon where the landing site of the astronaughts was, they would easilly see the moon buggy, and the landing legs that are left behind on such a mission.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think Neil Armstrong did land on the Moon and that robots have landed on Mars. Such things are far too big for someone in a conspiracy to keep the lie going for this long. Then you have the evidence to back it all up: actual moon rocks from the Moon and all the scientific information they provided and pictures and scientific data sent back from the actual robots on Mars. I think it's a great shame that people can't see the logic and evidence to SUPPORT such things.

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    im interested in this too.

    i have been doinf research and if asked, do i believe we landed on the moon? i would say yes.

    although im not too sure. think of the radiation the guys would have to go through and they came back totally fine?

    in area 51 the land is pocketed just like the moon would be and why else is it sooo secret?

    maybe the perfect place to set a moon landing?

    and what about all those astronuts who have just disapeared like magic?what happened to them?

    i really dont know, im behind my country 100% and love them to death. but alot of what we are told is crap.

    i do think we have landed on mars though. and we have been to the moon robot or person somehow, because they have rocks and things from it.

    :) good question

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I am old enough to have seen Neil Armstrong land on the moon on T.V.

    My question is, why are we spending so much money with NASA. People are screaming about the economy, the war in Iraq, Gas prices, food prices, etc.. Don't you think it would be a good Idea to use that money here on planet EARTH???

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes yes yes!

    For crying out loud, you can do science with the data brought back. They left reflectors there that are still used in laser measurements!

    NASA put the data and samples from project Apollo in the public domain, meaning it has been up for scrutiny by the science community for forty years.

    All astronomers and geologists in every university in world including myself would have to be in on it! To orchestrate a hoax like that would be more difficult than going to the moon!

    The astronauts did not spend enough time in the van Allen belts to suffer from radiation.

    No, AJ, we can not resolve the artifacts left on the moon with terrestrial telescopes, but as I say, we can target lasers on to the reflecting plates left there by Apollo. This is done on a regular basis and is used to study minute variations in the moons orbit. That alone is complete proof of the missions.

    For a full debunking of silly conspiracy claims, see Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy web site

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  • Adam C
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    1 decade ago

    There is so much evidence for the reality of this that to doubt it is to doubt reality itself - I watched the first moon landings in the UK; it was shown live on the BBC. It was also shown live in most countries as have all subsequent landings and launches; doubters would have to assume that thousands of people involved in these broadcasts in every country would have been part of the conspiracy, just for starters.

    The number of people who have studied the rocks, seen artifacts left on the moon through telescopes, watched launchings, worked on the space programme, etc, are in the millions - it is harder for me to imagine a conspiracy that stretches the globe involving millions of people than it is for me to believe that we sent people to the moon.

    Occam's razor: The simplest solution is the truth!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Now they can travel to the next star system by way of solar sailing in a few decades. The thing that bugs me is how did they get to the moon without any radiation suit or something.

    These people have never complained of any illness and they must be old now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't believe the moon landings or the idea that a decrepid old space ship managed to land safely on Earth after losing power outside the Earths Atmosphere.

    Look at Challenger and Discovery. A simple missing tile blew a recent shuttle (not sure which one / name ) to smithereens.

    IT'S A HOAX. America DID NOT land on the Moon.

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