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Does the Mars landing prove man walked on the Moon?

No one said they did not have the technology. They had alterior motives.

What thre world saw. A rocket take off and disappear out of sight and be picked up in the ocean.

How many people at NASA believed they actually went to the Moon? 99.999999%

It would take very few to pull of the scam. If you know the rooster hen chick conspiracy you can figure this one out.

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    Phoenix landing on Mars has nothing whatsoever to do with the Apollo program. More importantly, we don't need to land spacecraft on Mars or anywhere else in order to demonstrate that the six manned lunar landings occurred -- there's already a mountain of evidence which unambiguously proves it.

    "Moon hoax" conspiracy claims are addressed at length here:

    If you spend some time learning about the subject matter and studying the refutations provided, you'll come to recognize the truly ignorant and misguided nature of the conspiracists' claims.

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    >>What thre world saw. A rocket take off and disappear out of sight and be picked up in the ocean.<<

    The world saw considerably more than that actually. I'm guessing you weren't there at the time.

    >>It would take very few to pull of the scam.<<

    Wrong. If only a few people knew it was to be faked then all the countless engineers and scientists involved believed they had to design and build working hardware that WOULD take men to the Moon, therefore they designed and built working hardware that would take men to the Moon. Why fake it in that case?

    And to the person who said the flag was waving, seriously, go and actually LOOK at the video footage and see how it was set up and how utterly static that flag actually is unless being moved by an astronaut.

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    What are you talking about?

    The Mars landing proves that we have landed rovers on Mars. The Moon landing proves that man walked on the Moon.

    We have photos, live footage, countless firsthand witness accounts, personal accounts from the astronauts themselves, material brought back from the moon, hoards of chemical and statistical data, and an American flag that we left behind, somewhere amongst all the footprints, rover tracks, and lander markings for all the world to see.

    If you still think we need more "evidence" for man's landing on the moon, then there is just nothing more than can be done for you. You wouldn't believe it if NASA took you there themselves and pointed at the footprints. You would say that they had trapped you in some kind of giant simulator.

    Don't ever watch "The Matrix."

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    No additional proof is needed that Man walked on the Moon. No reasonable person disputes that. The evidence is abundant:thousands of photographs, hours of video, half a ton of Moon rocks, millions of eye witnesses. There was SO MUCH MORE than "A rocket take off and disappear out of sight and be picked up in the ocean." Your ignorance is showing!

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    No. Not relevant.

    Ulterior motives? Learn to spell.

    Where did those Apollo vehicles go when they were not in earth orbit?

    Point us to the .000001% of the NASA employees who disbelieve in the Moon landings.

    Tell us how they pulled off the scam! I haven't figured it out.

    Being first on the Moon is still an unwon accomplishment? Make sure to tell all the other countries of the world that they still have a shot at it! That will be good news to them.

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    No. The Mars landing does not prove that man walked on the moon.

    However, there is a lot of other evidence that man walked on the moon. The conspiracy theory is just a bunch of fiction to infect the imaginations of the gullible.

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    Yeah, but there's no proof that they didn't go. We have a flag on the moon, footprints and moon rocks to prove it. Also, look to Occam's Razor, which says that the simplest answer is most likely to be the truth. Well what's simpler? We had the technology and the reason, we went tot he moon...or there was a governmental conspiracy leading to a fake moon landing and the decieving of billions of people...hmmm

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    As usual with Hoaxproponents, this is some flawed thinking.

    If very few knew about the scam, all contractors etc built hardware capable of going to the moon. Why fake it then?

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    No, it doesn't. The mountains of other evidence that we landed on the moon prove that.

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    It does not prove anything.

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