Why won't my YouTube play videos?

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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash Player. It's not working. When I click "Play," the little loading circle keeps going for about 10 minutes and then ...show more
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I had a similar problem but it was that the video would just be a white box. I have surfed the internet and the most common thing to hear is to re-install adobe, needless to say that didn't work for me. Download file hippo


the link is at the top right of the web site, it will scan your computer and tell you which programs are outdated. Update anything that could be causing an issue, as a last resort download firefox3 beta. That is what did the trick for me and I love it and haven't had a single problem with it. Hope this helps.
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  • inukjuak90 answered 6 years ago
    Do you have the stupid Google Web Accelerator? If so, then
    dump it...burn it...trash it...disable it...get rid of it...uninstall it --
    do everything you can to get as far away from it as possible.
    Clicking on "Don't Accelerate this Website" to try and bypass
    GWA will not help you whatsoever.

    That being said, my advice below may sound contradictory
    to what I have just written above, but please follow it anyway.
    (Just pretend it's 2007, and you had never installed GWA.)

    If YouTube is slow or stuck -- or if you get strange messages
    on your screen that don't make sense -- or if people tell you
    to change, install or update stuff:....DON'T TOUCH A THING.

    You should never mess with things like java scripts, firewall
    settings, flash players, anti-virus programs, activeX controls,
    pop-up blockers, browsers or registries. And stay away from
    stupid add-ons, downloaders or utilities (like GWA).

    Absolutely none of those things will help you, because your
    computer/YouTube was working perfectly fine before, right?

    The first rule of thumb and best option should ALWAYS be:
    don't disable, erase, uninstall, separate, switch, download,
    alter, install or change anything. Doing those will only make
    matters worse for you. (GWA is a good example; you never
    should have installed it.)

    If your YouTube is always stuck or displays strange things,
    empty your "cache" of its temporary internet files, cookies
    and history. Things will probably be okay afterwards.

    If you're not sure how to do this, or if you want extra tips on
    how to make YouTube run even faster (all without having to
    install, buy or change anything), then click on my avatar and
    email me. I will guide you through "cache" clearing plus my
    other tips in easy English with full explanations.

    Note: longer videos sometimes only play when both "flash"
    and "shockwave" are installed. Other than that, STAY AWAY
    stupid utilities and downloads other people may be shilling,
    because those things are totally unrelated to your problem.
    (How can you "download" a video you can't even access or

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    For your reference, this is direct from Google's own website.
    I have included the full URL web address, plus its direct link:

    QUESTION 4 -- Does Google Web Accelerator speed up all
    web pages?

    ANSWER -- No, it doesn't....Google Web Accelerator won't
    speed up pages encrypted with the HTTPS protocol. Also,
    GWA only speeds up web pages, not data downloads such
    as MP3 and streaming video files.

    web accelerator . google . com / support . html # basics 4
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  • B. Love answered 6 years ago
    probably network traffic is high, or something..

    these will help you...

    1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother, and re-install latest flash.

    get the latest flash player, and install it.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running during installation...


    2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.
    Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

    Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' .

    It works well - Just yahoo or google search "zillatube" to get it.
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  • Salina answered 6 years ago
    In this case, you can try to download the vid before watching.
    I'm using Moyea flv downloader. It downloads very fast with high quality and supports full screen.

    And it is FREE.
    It is very easy to handle.

    You needn't get the url when downloading the vid.
    Just press "start recording"
    Click in the page where the vid is playing
    The downloader will automatically save it to your hard disk.

    Then you can watch it with the embeded flv player.

    You can search "flv downloader" on google.com for more info.
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  • First L answered 6 years ago
    It could be a number of things.

    1. check and see if the video is deleted by the owner or whatever.
    2. find out if you have the update for flash player
    3. check to see if your connection is good
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  • Alex answered 6 years ago
    i think ur computer is slow=[
    or, its the version
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  • Brandi T answered 6 years ago
    it might be your computer meomry is to small to read it
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  • Bill answered 6 years ago
    what is your connection? high speed or dsl?
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  • Yuriy answered 6 years ago
    if you have vist a x64, you're either using the 64-bit version of internet explorer, or you just dont have flash player installed. try using the 32 bit internet explorer, like i do. go to start>start search and type in iexplore and press enter. The 32 bit interenet explorer will appear and use that.


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  • Deanna B answered 6 years ago
    just be patient and it will go away.
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  • elliefeely answered 6 years ago
    firewall filtering?
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  • an4rew1 answered 6 years ago
    Sometimes the video gets removed for copyright on youtube.
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  • restart ur computer or check your connection
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  • 9603048 answered 6 years ago
    Maybe that certain video has been deleted by its user. Try another video?
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  • roules....charlie answered 6 years ago
    sumthing is wrong w/ ur cp........
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  • horse trainer & expert!!!!!!!!!! answered 6 years ago
    download the player
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  • ♥Haley♥ answered 6 years ago
    because your computer has a problem[=
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