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Why did O'Bamma lie when he stated his uncle helped liberate the Nazis' Auschwitz concentration camp?

We all know it was the Soviet troops that liberated this concentration camp in Poland and there were no U.S. troops in this area.

How come now he said it was a mistake to have made this statement? Did he admit the mistake only because he got called out on it by those little talk radio fascist Neocons on the right?

"I had an uncle who was ... part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps," Obama said. Way to go Barry. I guess you never studied history in those white elitist schools you attended. What else are you lying about to the useful idiots who bow at your feet?

I know you libs who look at Barry as your new god will have this question deleted. That says a lot about you when you can't deal with the truth and try to shut down those voices that do not agree with you.


Wizzards, I'm not a disgruntled Hitlery Rotten Clintounge fan. I'm an equal opportunity basher. The three of them are a joke. The choices just get worse every election cycle.

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    He lied in his speech to a bunch of veterans on Memorial Day because he was trying to make himself "one of them", which, of course, he can never possibly do.

    All he did was make a fool of himself yet again, as he continues to make fools of the people who are so blindly supporting him.

    Of course, in very short order, his campaign jumped in to "explain" that Obama said the wrong camp, that's all, and it was really Buchenwald, not Auschwitz. But his "Uncle Charlie" was definitely with the American forces that liberated "one of" the camps around Buchenwald.

    Lie, again.

    Here are the enlistment records of Charles W. Payne, brother of Madelyn Payne, great uncle of Obama:

    Charles W. Payne, born 1924, enlisted 10Nov42, Navy, 6293977 Registered, order #12019, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., Board #4

    So, Obama's greatuncle liberated Buchenwald from his ship somewhere in the Pacific.

    Did you know that the behavior exhibited by Obama is consistent with the use of either amphetamines or cocaine, which can cause amazing mistakes; errors of incredible stupidity?

    It's worth noting here the correlation between narcissism and stimulant drug abuse. Obama exhibits an almost pathological narcissism, an ego wildly out of proportion to anything he has actually accomplished in his life. What sort of a person writes their memoirs at age 33? Someone with this personality defect is drawn to irrationally risky behavior because of a conviction of invulnerability, or superhuman superiority.

    Have you ever seen any candidate have to backpedal, explain, renounce, denounce, and clarify as much as Obama?

    I think all candidates for any public office should be drug tested. Considering you have to take a drug test to work for Walmart and at least one grocery chain I know of, how could the job of President be any less important?

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    Obama misspoke, he meant to say Buchenwald right? The camp was partially evacuated by the Nazis on 8 April 1945. In the days before the arrival of the American army, thousands of the prisoners were forced to join the evacuation marches. After that, Communist inmates stormed the watchtowers, killed the remaining guards, and took control using arms they had collected since 1942 (one machine gun and 91 rifles). A detachment of troops belonging to the US 9th Armored Infantry Battalion, US 6th Armored Division, US Third Army arrived at Buchenwald on 13 April 1945 under the leadership of Captain Frederic Keffer. The squad entered the outer perimeter of the camp and reported its location to its higher ups, but did not investigate in great detail, moving on to complete other missions. Either way a big fat lie!

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    This is a ridiculous question. Obama's uncle DID liberate a concentration camp, it just wasn't Auschwitz.

    Obama might be guilty of having a poor grasp on WWII history, or not doing fact checking before speaking, but the chances that this was an intentional lie are next to nil.

    The questioner is obviously trying to construe Obama's statement as something it wasn't. The typical neoconjob.

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    It wasn't a lie. Similar to Clinton"misspeaking" regarding her Bosnia incident, the facts were verified and proved that his uncle really did help liberate prisoners.

    I think I smell a disgruntled Hillary fan. But that's ok-I felt the same way when Edwards lost in 2004.

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  • He thinks he is made of teflon. He has lied so much, and

    No one has called him on it. So why should he start telling the truth now. Just go's to show what extent a empty suit will go

    to get a political job in this country.,

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    A) He had a great uncle in WWII.

    B) He was part of an American force to liberate a concentration camp (Obama mistook it for the most famous one)

    When you have a great uncle tell a story, let's see if you remember every detail perfectly.

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    Someone has an uncle who is a horse thief.

    Does that mean HE is a criminal?

    If Obama has a hero uncle, does that make him a hero?

    I really don't care if this issue is a lie or not. We can't afford to have an untrustworthy President.

    Obama is a deliberate well trained liar. He teaches others how to lie. If he occasionally says something truthful, it is only because, in that ONE instance, the truth was beneficial to his devious agenda.

    Doubt that?

    Use your Yahoo search engine to look up "Alinskyism".

    Let us know what you learn.

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    Political Terminology 101

    "Misspeak"=caught in blatant lie.

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    The same reason he has lied about everything else, because no one holds him accountable for his lies as they do the other candidates, so he gets a free pass on every lie he tells.

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    He's half white, half black and half Russian.

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