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Do Christians *really* think the Earth is only 6000 years old?

I'm not insulting anyone or trying to stir up flaming wars; I'm just asking, do you die hard Christians really think that all the proof of the planet being millions of years old is made up? So for this to be made up, it would have to be a conspiracy by literally millions of people, many of whom are Christians. Do you really believe the Earth is only 6000 years old? (please don't quote passages from the Bible as an answer, I'm asking what you think, not asking for more repititious passages that mean absolutely nothing to an athiest). Thanks.


Lovelife: What is the phyiscal proof that the Earth is just a little older than 6000 years old? (this will be good)

Update 2:

Hey DHABIG, what did I say? No Bible passages!! Is it possible for you religious types to simply answer a question without referring to a book?

Update 3:

JennP7, I realize you must have issues comprehending simple text by your hostile response - I said NO BIBLE PASSAGES, I didn't say anything about religious responses. You can response with all the religious stuff you want, I simply asked for no Bible passages as an answer, which of course, a couple buffoons did anyway. I suggest if you don't like the question, don't leave a response.

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    They shouldn't. I certainly don't. Anyone who rejects the evidence of a long aged earth is incorrect.

    I believe that God did create the world, and all that is in it, but not merely 6000 years ago. The Bible was written by Men. Using God's message sure, but written and re-written and re-written and re-written by MEN.

    If I were a supreme being, capable of creating a world such as this, it would talk many multiples of that. And this one would not be my first. Maybe my latest, maybe not. Just because an engineer graduates from college doesn't mean that he has the knowledge and experience to build a car from scratch. And once he gained that knowledge and experience, he would have done it many many many times before getting it correct.

    I look into the sky and I see God's workbench, his test facility. Practice makes perfect, and I think that our planet is pretty close to perfect... Though Humans could use an upgrade... ;)

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    The dates you perceive as truth are simply interpretations of observations made by people in the last century or two. They are not based in experimentation or history. If I claim a layer of rock is a trillion years old, how can you prove me right or wrong? You can't, the limit to the accuracy of our dating capabilities lies in the oldest materials found of which we can also historically date, like Sumerian artifacts because we know Sumer was a civilization around 3000BC. Fossils on the other hand are something which we have no idea when the creature actually lived because we have no accounts of it. Also, fossils can not be accurately carbon-dated because they are not biological remains, they are rocks that have filled the spaces where bones once were they are dated based on the strata of rock they were found in and a lot of speculation and assumption. Some actual bone or bone fragments have been found in dinosaur fossils proving they are much younger than expected. If you do research on the subject you will find that most of the dating methods are primarily based on the decay rates of a few specimens found near the surface around the world and then that data is transferred into geological assessment. One of the biggest assumptions is that the world is 4.5 billion years old, this is based on the assumption that certain rock material in space was pure uranium 235 when it was created by natural or supernatural means; however, if the rock had been created consisting of a certain percentage of uranium 238 the entire estimate is inaccurate. IN THE END, why does it matter? Whether dinosaurs roamed around 65 hundred or million years ago does not affect us in anyway.

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    This is not to defend the present-day political view called Creationism which asserts that the Bible says that the universe and living things were created in 24-hour days a few thousand years ago, but you should know that, in fairness to the Bible record, the Bible clearly allows an indefinite amount of time for the creation of the universe in its opening words in Genesis 1:1 & 2. In verse two, if plainly says that 'darkness' was over the earth, not the universe or heavens. The following four "days" do not use the Hebrew word for "create", but "make", and apparently deal with the clearing of a cloud cover, 'making' first light, then sun, moon and stars visible in the sky. And Gen. 2:4 clearly shows that the "days" were not the 24-hour variety, calling all seven "days" ONE "day".

    The Bible is unnecessarily getting a bad rap in all of this...

    Best regards,


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    What proof do we have that it is a million years old. What ??Some scientists that made up some theory on how to tell how old stuff is. Yes we christians believe in the bible and according to the bibles time frame the earth is only about 6 thousand years old. You can say that we are just listening to someone's theory but then again so are you. And once again if you don't want a religious response then don't post your question in the religion section.

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    No. The Christians bible says the human race was around for 6,000 years. Not the entire earth itself. Also, the bible says the Earth took 6 days of creation (not in human sense which is 24 hours, it's God's view of time).

    Look at the geological time scale for more information.

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    Apparently many do!!!

    I go with is on a journey of discovery and can change its view when new evidence comes to light...

    Lets see... without mathematical science we'd still think that we'll fall off our flat earth if we went past the horizon

    Cheers to the person who said the oft quoted "book" has been rewritten etc etc etc by MEN...

    and we know how much we can trust THEM in absolute power...NOT!!!

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    NO, I know in the biginning GOD created the heavens and the earth , BUT i dont know when the beginning was ,it could have been billions of years ago ,GOD has been around from everlasting , so we dont know what GOD did with this earth before he decided to create man and put him in the garden of eden, so not all christians believe in a six thousand year old earth, just a few,,,

    Source(s): 44 year Bible student K.J.V.,,,,,
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    A DVD called "Out with Doubt" will certainly prove that it is.

    Get it and you will be amazed at the info that you will receive.

    The Dinosaurs were created on day 6 with all the others and man. It's on the disk

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  • I believe most do. Alot of peoples that I talk to are shocked when I refer to humans or anything on the earth from even 3 thousand years ago. Can you imagine?

    It's shocking to say the least!

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    I don't believe it is, and if you read about Creation in Genesis, in it's literal text, I don't think it says that either. It seems pretty clear in Genesis that creation took a long long long time.

    I think the problem is many Christians take 7 days as a literal 7 days, but it says in Genesis that a Creation day is many generations.

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