Presentation for a topic in biochemistry part 2 in medical school.?

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I have not decided on what topic yet but it has to do specifically with biochemistry like for eg: vitamins,drugs,nutrients and others health related topics. would anyone please give more
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Vitamins, drugs, and nutrients are path largely followed nowaday by students, try areas where few lights have been shade and try to bring some breakthrough to give yourself more challenge in biochemistry. Topics like effects of gazes and scents (odours) on health are little covered.

Since the major discovery that some gazes like nitrogen monoxide (NO) has effect on the central nervous system as well as peripherical nervous system, a third de novo way of cell communication was unveiled. For decades scientist thought that communication betwen neurons, betwen neurons and cells, or down the pipeline cell-cell communications was done only through hormones or neuro-chemicals (adrenalin, acetycholine, etc). All of a sudden they found out that simple gaz can mediate cells communications as well, opening the door to a new branch in neuronal sciences.

How does electricity convert to gazes? How can gazes which essence is expansion, something so hardly controlable, something that requires so much energy to be channeled be effective in a process so sensitive to error like cell communication? Down the road new classes of enzymes specialized in NO communication have been purified. These are the famous NOS (Nitrogen Oxyde synthases).

A world of topic to dig into. Think of all those perfumes we respire that can cause allergies. Think of cigarettes, or industrial gazes or the millions gazeous particles we know so little about. How do they affect no only physical health or mental one? On the other hand how can medecine one day use gazes and odour as mean for therapy?

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Thank you for your reply you have inspired me to think about something new!
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  • ajmill1978 answered 6 years ago
    I have no idea what "gazes" are; I think he meant gasses?

    But I would pick a topic that is related to a current event, a disease state that you have a personal connection to (family member?), or some topic you find particular interest in.

    Most importantly, keep it simple! You probably only have a few minutes to cover your topic and you don't want to choose something that you won't have time to explain to your peers. That's not to say you can't learn more about the topic on your own...

    I recall a presentation I did on acetylcholinesterase. There is so much information on the topic, because this enzyme is linked to a variety of topics: Alzheimer's, myasthenia gravis, pest control poisoning, chemical warfare, surgery, and many others.

    Eventually I just picked Sarin nerve gas. Why? Because terrorism is a current issue. Its biochemistry was rather simple and could be explained in a few minutes. And it was related to medicine and treatments that are used for certain poisonings.

    Good luck!
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