How much does a lighthouse worker earn?

Do you have a little cabin or something near the lighthouse? Or do you commute to it?

What do you do? How much money do you earn? Do you enjoy it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are no lighthouse keepers anymore in the US. The lights are all automated and come on by themselves. The Coast Guard is in charge of changing the lightbulbs, and that's pretty much all that they do with them.

    A lot of lighthouses have been turned over to non profit groups to maintain them, so there may be volunteer keepers, that give tours to their lighthouses. And there are lighthouses where you can pay to stay and act as a keeper for a week or two, kind of a working vacation.

    Some other countries still do have lighthouse keepers, but a lot of the time, they only do maintenance and run communications equipment at the lighthouse. And yes, they do stay there in houses. I can't answer about the pay, but these are usually military jobs.

    In the past, lighthousekeeping was a hard job. It was lonely, hard work climbing up the flights of stairs several times a night with a kerosene can. And polishing and painting. A lot of people think it was romantic, but it really wasn't. Especially if you had a foghorn going off every 30 seconds.

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  • 4 years ago

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