When a guy wants to take things slow with a girl, what does that say about the way he feels about the girl?

I met this guy almost a month ago. When we met, we immediatly clicked and have talked on the phone every night since then. We've gone on some amazing dates and I've never been treated this way by a guy before. He bought me flowers and opens doors for me. He says the sweetest things and says I'm special. He is very open with how he feels. He wants to take things slow so we've only kissed so far. This is very different from anything I've experianced. Usually guys want sex and every relationship I've been in has moved pretty fast in that area. I was just curious, what do you think this really says about his intentions and feelings for me?

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    I think he really appreciates you and wants to take the time to really get to know you before embarking on a physical relationship. I think he is trying to put his interest in you before his interest in sex. they are not always the same thing. you say your previous relationships have all progressed much quicker than this. There is a reason they are "previous" relationships. I say, if he wants to take it slow then go slow with him. He likes you and i think you mean to much to him for him to let rushing the physical ruin it. you got one of the good ones. And, think about this, by taking it slow the anticipation will build and it will be so much better when you finally do go to the next level.

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    There are several possibilities and not all of them say anything about how he feels about you. Although I think your description pretty much says he's crazy about you.

    -It's entirely possible that he wants to take it slow because he's inexperienced and is afraid of getting caught up in something that moves faster than he can process.

    -It's possible that he's been in other relationships that moved along too quickly and then fizzled and so he wants to do things differently with you.

    -It's possible that he's been in relationships that moved too quickly and before he knew it the relationship got more serious than he was prepared for - this happened to me once.

    -It's entirely possible that he's just a gentleman who isn't in a hurry to get through the romance stuff. Maybe he honestly feels that the best way to build a strong relationship is to take it slow and get to know one another.

    -It's possible that he's just taking is slow because he doesn't want to scare you off. That he would be more than happy to get physical sooner rather than later, but he's waiting for you to give the ok. Although I doubt this from what you said.

    -Similar to the previous, it could be that he's just reading cues from you and trying to move at a pace that's comfortable for you. If this is the case, it says he has great respect for you and what you want.

    -There is also a remote possibility that he's a player and he's just doing all this so he can have his way with you. If this is the case, his take it slow mentality won't last long and he'll eventually get frustrated if he doesn't get what he wants.

    While it is possible he has some sinister motives, it sounds like you found yourself a nice guy. I hope things work out well for you.

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    He is being a gentleman! For me, the flowers and door opening might be trying a little too hard, but yes he's doing everything for youuuuu. ...Or maybe he's just inexperienced. ...Or maybe he has made mistakes in the past with girls and wants to change. Either way, he LIKES YOU A LOT :) He's a keeper! (Oh, also, react appropriately to his chivalry... smile, say thank you, treat him with as much respect as he's giving you! This probably doesn't need to be said, but I've seen some guys get hurt by girls when they're unappreciative or take it for granted.)

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    yep reading is all, anyhow i guess it can mean that i have to learn all over again about him as i can be tricked and it's not true intentions by someone who would post a question like this but would be come now and find me and twice now i walked around, so next time the conflict thought disorder lures me i might say i gtg although it sounds true and good like missed , been awhile or long enuf and then i go look and he is not around, so i learned that don't make next time a third and if he truly wants to find me he will. So probably reason why take slow so no misleadings (although truly not intended) can

    not always make me laugh as i said after knowing i was tricked and fell for again etc..and this time i am not laughing, so i am sad instead but not getting mad but losing the happy feeling i did have today and still am but its like i don't wanna go through it again so really what do i do next time say nope gotta wait for fate advise?since don't want things to go downhill but at least keep at good communication or talk person out of me to find by saying didn't u know that we will meet by suprise? or that day will come?As i didn't mind looking but no where in sight and can't even imagine where could be now, and sorry i guess i don't know who or all friends are...and do like gentleman romantic type so slow is good.

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    He really likes you. When a guy wants to take things slow that usually means that he wants the relationship to last so he wants to build a relationship first on the emotional aspect instead of the physical. Looks like you have a keeper.

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    It says that he was raised to respect women, and not just use them as ***-rags Sorry to be so blunt, but that's just my style. You should be honored that he would treat you this way. He's probably pretty selective about the women he dates, which means that when he says you're special, it actually means HE THINKS YOU'RE PRETTY SPECIAL. Guys don't "talk in code" like women do.

    Is he a christian? Is he a virgin? Is he 30+ (if so, you can give him my number..... j/k). Be thankful, and make sure you thank his mother as well.

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    I really think taht this guy likes you alot...i mean guys are usually only after sex and physcle stuff so i mean take it in realize you have a guy that likes you alot...(enough to not just get sexual) but i have to admit getting sexual does really bond you also...i wouldn't go 2 slow...lol

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    I think this says that he is a gentlemen and that he really likes you and respects you. Your right all guys usually want is sex and that whole deal so hang on to this guy. If you loose him you probly won't find another. He sounds like a keeper.


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    maybe he likes you a lot..... and maybe he just came out of a serious relationship and wants to take it slow. Just give it some time and then he will feel more cumffy about going faster. =)

  • J
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    I think if he wants to take things slow, means he really cares about you and isn't after sex. Good Luck! :)

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