Boy name association?

What do you associate with these names and what type of child do you imagine with them






Chanan(hah narn)












Yes I know some of them are a little out there just tell me what type of child you think would have these names and what they may look like


Not all of them are names of bands

Update 2:

I dont want any other name ideas or opinions on these names just was you associate with them and what child you imagine with them thanks

Update 3:

Aric is a norse name meaning Eternal ruler it is also German and means Honorable ruler it is not made up

Chanan is Hebrew and means Compassionate

Draven is English and is actually quiet common where I live but I am not sure what it means

Atreyu is Indian and means Boy Warrior and is also a character in the never ending story

Nirvana was a name before it became a band its sanskrit and means bliss or liberation

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favourite answer

    would about:
















    but the name I like from your list is Chase

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harlan - I really like Harley, but Harlan sounds too much like Harlot to me

    Arlo - A cute little boy, and a handsome man

    Aric(NOT ERIC) - An exotic looking foreign boy

    River - A preppy little blond boy

    Andreas - Sounds like a sophisticated or snobby name

    Chanan(hah narn) - Too difficult to say. Jewish?

    Draven - Cute, active boy

    Creed - Athlete, fun kid

    Atreyu - foreign

    Chase - Smart, studious, boy

    Linkin - unkept appearance

    Chester - Cute, fun, smart boy. Brunette or blonde. Big smile. I

    I love this name. Some will think Chester the molester.

    Colton - Very active, and rebellious. Probably blonde

    Jaymon - Intelligent, kind boy. Any color

    Riot - Ummmm, a little boy whose parents chose a strange name for him.

    Nirvana - Would definitely be associated with a band and people would think his parents were stuck in the 90's.

    Landon - Any color or type because this is hugely popular right now.

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  • judy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Harlan--Uncle Harlan lived in an old trailer and smoked a pipe.

    Arlo--an OK name, kinda old-fashioned (which is ok)

    Aric(NOT ERIC)--Mom made up a name to be cool, will never be spelled right on anything.

    River--Phoenix, OD'ed

    Andreas--San Andreas Fault

    Chanan(hah narn)--See Aric

    Draven--See Aric (reminds me of drivel--not a good thing)

    Creed--See Aric

    Atreyu--see Aric

    Chase--OK, a little trendy

    Linkin--See Aric (plus SO blatantly from the band's name, just like Creed)

    Chester--I'm Chelster the molester, and I've got a knife.


    Jaymon--see Aric

    Riot--OMG. No way. See Aric.

    Nirvana--Again, the OD thing.

    Landon--OK, little trendy

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  • Harlan- An old man who yells at kids to get off his lawn

    Arlo- A nerd

    Aric(NOT ERIC)- A very boring kid

    River- A gay guy, again, a Barbie doll's name!

    Andreas- Very cool guy

    Chanan(hah narn)- The kind of kid who gets shoved into lockers

    Draven- A kid who plays Pokemon... as a sophomore in high school!

    Creed- A child of hippies

    Atreyu- ???

    Chase- A really tough guy, nice and smart

    Linkin- The band Linkin Park

    Chester- A guy whose pants are up to his chest!

    Colton- Popular football player

    Jaymon- Nerd

    Riot- A kid whose parents REALLY hated him

    Nirvana- The child of druggies

    Landon- Strong, gentle guy

    I hate almost all of these names, sorry!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harlan - might end up with the nickname Harry...but kind of an average kid comes to mind

    Arlo - has to be incredibly nerdy or incredibly cool

    Aric - athletic, strong, viking warrior

    River - spiritual

    Andreas - effeminate

    Chanan - neutral

    Draven - strong but gothy

    Creed - a good middle name

    Atreyu - tragic

    Chase - average suburban kid nothing special

    Linkin - feels stunted...unfinished

    Chester - ginger

    Colton - a little stuck up

    Jaymon - no...just no...reminds me of some poor yardy offspring

    Riot - would have to be a bad loud kid or complete 180

    Nirvana - more of a girls name

    Landon - average suburban kid common not special

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harlan- Class clown, witty, funny, cute

    Arlo- Player, has lots of girlfriends ;)

    Aric- A very cute, cool, and smooth boy

    River- I'm not sure I like it....

    Andreas- Likes to do sports, jock type

    Chanan- A little too confusing...

    Draven- Not very social, closed off

    Creed- A dark, greasy haired little stinker.

    Atreyu- Very cute, very big imagination

    Chase- Rascal, likes to tease, but very cute

    Linkin- Concentrator, likes quiet

    Chester- That kid with glasses who is cool anyway.

    Colton- A shorter kid with spikey blond hair and an attitude.

    Jaymon- dark, long hair. Likes cars, trucks, etc.

    Riot- Very wild, rebellious

    Nirvana- Cute, precious little boy.

    Landon- Tougher jock type.

    Very interesting, but cute names!


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hate Harlan, Arlo, Aric, River, Andreas, Chanan, Dravan, Creed, Atreyu, Linkin, Colton, Jaymon ( how about raymon ), Riot, Nirvana, Landon.


    i know i named almost all of them. I didn't name chase because i don't hate it but i wouldn't name my kid that. Other than that they are terrible names. ( sorry just being honest )

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Harlan - strong, athletic

    River - dreamer, artistic, always in motion

    Andreas - smart, cleaver

    Atreyu - like from NeverEnding Story? the little girly boy?

    Chase - strong, athletic, smart

    Landon - smart and cleaver (again)

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  • 1 decade ago

    i personally like some of the names you picked out...regardelss if ppl think you're naming you kid after a band..if that were the case, you wouldn't b worrying about the meaning right? duh!

    Draven i think would be the'd suit a confident child...a leader i'd say...

    Colton...someone who's quite but wise....

    Riot...idk...someone who's into a hippie kind of..., a tall and handsome type, but bad with women....womaniser...i think...

    but you won't really know you're kids personality until he grows up...i say you narrow it down to the best 3 that you like and you go with your gut instinct when the baby is born...

    Source(s): unsure...6 weeks pregnant
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  • loved1
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    River- Strong, always in motion, life giving.

    Chase- Athletic, agile, charismatic.

    Landon- Gentle, logical, loving, kind, internally strong, ethical.

    Sorry, the rest I do not care for.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Draven Creed.

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