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German Shepherds vs. Belgian Malinois?

I know the physical differences between Belgian Mals and GSD's: mals are smaller, and attack with more force, they have smaller ears than GSD's and are more 'squarely set.' But I need to know the TEMPERAMENT AND EXERCISE DIFFERENCES. Which needs more exercise, which makes a better family dog, which is better for a novice dog owner, and what temperament differences do they have?

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    To be honest most Belgian Malinois are serious working dogs and are not right for a novice dog owner at all. They have endless energy and need to be socialized a lot. IMHO they don't make good house pets, b/c they're not breed to be house pets.

    As for GSD, I personally love the breed, but it does come riddled with many genetic and behavioural problems. They are more mellow (at least if you're talking about non-working lines) than the Malinois.

    Both require regular exercise and mental stimulation (obedience, tracking work, etc.). I hear Shiloh Shepherds are good companion dogs as well, since they're just large mellow GSD's.

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    Mals are more of a working dog and need a "job" to do. They are not a breed that can be perfectly fine doing nothing.. That's why they're always doing schutzand work.

    Mals are also taking over police dog work since they are leaner and faster than GSD's. Mals also require much more excercise. They are also not for a novice or wish washy owner. Mals are serious working dogs.

    Both of them make good family dogs, but if it were me i'd go with the GSD.

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    My dog is a German Shepard Belgian malinois mix

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    A german shepherd is better for a novice dog owner. A belgian can be a lot of dog to handle. Plus, while I've known a few wonderful ones, there are far more not so nice ones.

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    I love German shepherds, both are basically the same. Female German shepherds are more aggressive than males, males have more of the "macho" outlook on life. I have two shepherds right now, a male and a female and the female seems more intelligent and laid back than the make is. Belgian Malinois' are taller, as you know, and the shepherds are stockier. Both need about the same exercise. Both are both very protective of their families.

    Source(s): Owner of both breeds
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    Mals - more exercise

    GSDs - for owners with less experience, but owners should still have some training experience

    Source(s): Owner of a GSD
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    i like german shepards

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