When a guy wants to take things slow with a girl, what does that say about the way he feels about the girl?

I met this guy a month ago. When we met, we immediatly clicked and have talked on the phone every night since then. We've gone on some amazing dates and I've never been treated this way by a guy before. He bought me flowers and opens doors for me. He says the sweetest things and says I'm special. He is very open with how he feels. He wants to take things slow so we've only kissed so far. This is very different from anything I've experianced. Usually guys want sex and every relationship I've been in has moved pretty fast in that area. I was just curious, what do you think this really says about his intentions and feelings for me?

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    1 decade ago
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    Honestly, I think he's a keeper. :-)

    Guys like that have become rare and he is interested in you. If he wasn't he wouldn't spend the time he has to go on these amazing dates with you and respect you enough to want to take things slow. Does he want sex? Of course, he's a guy. But he likes you enough to want to get to know you as it should be.

    Source(s): I have been in many relationships like how you describe and they are the healthiest and best to be in (in my opinion) and he's a quality guy. :-)
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    He is being a gentleman! For me, the flowers and door opening might be trying a little too hard, but yes he's doing everything for youuuuu.

    ...Or maybe he's just inexperienced.

    ...Or maybe he has made mistakes in the past with girls and wants to change.

    Either way, he LIKES YOU A LOT :)

    He's a keeper!

    (Oh, also, react appropriately to his chivalry... smile, say thank you, treat him with as much respect as he's giving you! This probably doesn't need to be said, but I've seen some guys get hurt by girls when they're unappreciative or take it for granted.)

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    This guy may actually see something for you two in the future. It is nothing wrong with wanting to take things slow, wanting sex right away says alot about some guys. Seems like to me he cares enough to not want to rush things. At least he has respect!!

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    It means he truly cares. He is wanting to take it slow, he wants this relationship to work.

    Congratulations you found a very rare guy. I am not trying to stereotype guys but most do want sex, even if they also want a relationship they would take sex with or with out as long as they are getting it.

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    it means you got a keeper... when i really like a girl its not about just getting the sex... i actually dont care that much.. im not going to lie i want it but its not my intentions and i want her to know it.. so ill take it slow... this has only happened once and i fell in love with the girl... so keep with the slowness he'll respect you .... but seems like this guy really cares about you

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    1 decade ago

    That shows he really cares

    and he doesnt want to move to fast and scare you off, he must feel a deeper connection with you than he does with other girls he has dated

    You should deff hold on to this one

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    1 decade ago

    enjoy it girl:) he wants a serious relationship with you and doesn't wanna screw it up.

    this was and is how me and my boyfriend are. (this was insane but true) we didn't kiss for an entire year. we don't take it quite that slow anymore, but slow enough:) and we've lasted a very long time now.

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    i think he really likes u....he just wants to know u more before he takes anything to far with anybody....i see ur having fun with him and like how he treats u......respect his decision.....try and talking to him about it in a week or so maybe he just needs some time.....or you know wat...maybe hes a virgin and doesn't want to make a fool of himself.....(40 year old virgin "the movie")....so hang on to this guy....

  • If there are "strings" attached you know that you have to give in return for all of his good deeds he does for you. IF HE IS A REAL GUY HE WILL DO IT FOR FREE AND GIVE YOU HUGS AND KISSES AND GIFTS AS A TOKEN OF APPRECIATION FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DATE HIM OVER OTHER GUYS.

  • it means that he really, really likes you and doesn't want to confuse feelings of love for feelings of lust. He definitely sounds like a great guy. it shows that he doesn't just want you b/c he's horny. there are few guys like that in the world, hold on to him.

    good luck

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