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Burning DVD Discs to Blank Discs with DVD Shrink?

Hi there, Im having problems with my DVD Shrink where I open disc, do the backup and then when it says please insert an empty disc to write to, I put a blank dvd+r disc (which it supports) and it just keeps saying "checking discs" as if I havnt even put a disc in. I have tried with 2 other discs so its not faulty discs or anything and I dont know if it matters or not but I have Vista. We used to have another laptop with XP and we never had any problems. Any ideas? Im stumped I have been trying to work it out all week. I have roxio on the com but dont know how to work it and would prefer DVD Shrink as I found it very easy to use with just a few clicks and then its done and it what I used to use with the other com but if you know an other easy free one please let me know. Thankyou !! :)

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    DVD Shrink is NOT a "burner".

    It transfers the files TO your burner.

    If you don't have a DVD burning tool you can get a shareware free trial version like Nero, or other online.


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