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How do you learn Punjabi language?

Sat Sri Akal

I grew up in Canada. As a kid up to age of like 3 I only spoke Punjabi. But I also learned English because of my older sisters. I understand basic everyday Punjabi but when it comes to listening to bhangra music some of the words are very out of the ordinary so I dont end up understanding the full message in the song. I also want to learn how to write and read in Punjabi. I am wondering what is the best way to do this and if anyone online is interested in helping me learn Punjabi. Thanbad.

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    How do you learn Punjabi language? - without too much fuss

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    Yeah, films, definitely! I'm British, but have picked up quite a few Hindi phrases from movies with songs, etc. My husband is Indian and he and his siblings always watch movies, so now I can join in all the songs with them and understand what I'm singing about :) Also, talking to her normally in everyday life using only Punjabi phrases sometimes will help a lot. If you don't speak English or German to her, she will have no choice but to eventually learn to work out what you are saying. Before anyone says it, it's not cruel - it's a great, fast way to learn! If you want her to bring you something, for example, point at it while you are asking her in Punjabi so that she learns to associate the things with the words. That helps a lot. I learned so much by association with pictures when I was learning French at school. It's fun too! Much more fun and faster than sitting with a grammar book and trying to drum it into your brain... Hope this helps :)

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    There are several ways:

    First you can pick up books from Indian bookstores (online) that provide Punjabi literature with English translation. (provided you already know Gurmukhi Script). By reading through passages and comparing them to the English you will start to have a stronger understanding of grammar. Aadi Granth is a good example.

    The second method is to interact with Punjabis already fluent in the language and pick it up via conversing in Punjabi (using whatever you know). Your local Guru-Dwara would be a haven for this.

    Then you have several multimedia material such as this:


    I wouldnt personally recommend you get "Learn Punjabi" books, they arent that practical and its not money well spent inmost cases particularly if your interest is in conversational Punjabi.

    To put it bluntly, all you need to do is increase your level of exposure to Punjabi and you will automatically start becoming fluent in it by time (based on frequency and level of exposure).

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    the best way to learn it is to go 2 India - Pnajab,.

    But if you can't go there then.........

    try to speak panjabi as much as you can with members of your family - Like older ones who don't know english so well.


    GO to panjabi school at your local gurdwara - if you're sikh.

    N there you'll most probably use the Panjabi made easy series of books - which i really good.

    They teach you how to read and do comphrension questions so therefore also help with writing.

    Source(s): British Panjabi
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    Hello ..... too answer your question is.. the best why too speak and read and write in pujabi is go live in punjab for while then you will know .... ...this how i lean and i marry a punjabi and he still teach me ....... you can e-mail me back at amnd518@yahoo.com

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