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Can Us military invade China?

If North Korea attacks South Korea or Japan, China will be involved in war with US based on the 1961 North Korean Defense treaty. So US military must invade China which has a population over 1.3 billion that is 3 times the population of America. Can American soldiers defeat the PLA and defend it's allies?

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    North Korea won't attack anyone (chicken), so the whole idea is moot. But hypothetically, no. We'd be screwed. The US Armed Forces are too small to take on China. Nuclear strikes would be our only hope (sadly enough), but they have them too, so there goes that idea!

    Plus the US economy is currently dependent on China, so it'd be foolish for either side to attack the other. The US needs tube socks and lead based toys, and China needs the money.

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    Can the US invade China? No. America's military is numerically outnumbered and currently overstretched.

    America lost several divisions during the Korean war when they ventured too close to the Yalu river.

    Can the US try to bomb China? Yes. But China can retaliate.

    By the way, China has no defence understanding with North Korea. I think everyone is just waiting for Kim to die of old age or mellow out.

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    China will not go to war to defend North Korea for two reasons:

    1. China is over populated as it is, they do not want North Korean refugees coming across the border.

    2. China is not that stupid to go to war with the U.S. Who else would they sell their cheap merchandise to? The U.S. makes up 60% of China's gross national product.

    Don't believe me...walk around your house and look at how many things have "MADE IN CHINA" stamped on them.

    Source(s): U.S. Army MP
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    You got to be kidding me, right? The only way the US would be able to win the conflict is through nukes but that would be the end of civilization as we know it. Our military is only a few hundred thousand. Our nation, as a whole, equals just the middle class of China. We would be fighting on their territory. How can you even ask if we could defeat or properly defend?

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    Our Military is stretched thin and worn tired.

    Invading China would be a dumb *** move. If north korea started war, i think china would stay nuetral at first and decide if they should join in, and they got the man power to strik a crippling blow to our weakned country.

    A war between Iran, Syria, and N. Korea against America and whatever friends we have left after this Bush era, is exactly what we need to prevent.

    Use peace talks and diplomatic measures. But maintain a prepared defense if things go wrong.

    Source(s): and ferguson. it's that kind of ignorant and reckless behavior that put us in the situation we are in now
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    inhabitants length is beside the point while it includes invasion- what relatively concerns is technological-benefit. Britain conquered maximum of lands that the solar by no potential set on unexpectedly. Heck, Japan invaded and conquered China yet has a plenty smaller inhabitants. a greater acceptable question is why would desire to one united states invade yet another on condition that they might probably annihilate one yet another if the two have nuclear weapons or different efficient gadgets?

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    If that was ever to happen, China would help the US. They aren't stupid to the communist's lost cause. If China was ever to go with DPRK, then the whole world will fight with US except maybe Russia and the terrorists. Ultimately, it would be a WWIII but a land conquest is basically impossible with US capability. If the EU helped US against China alone, we can own the Chinese.

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    NO WAY

    Think about Vietnam if they had trouble invading that country and occupying how on earth would they be able to do that when CHINA is like 15 times the population of Vietnam think about???

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    China's greatest weakness besides inferior technology is its population. You saw what happens when any natural disaster strikes, hundreds of thousands of people die instead of what would be hundreds maybe, in America.

    Attacking any major population center, and they are all within reach on their eastern seaboard, would be catastophic to them. Their losses and devastation would undermine mobilization efforts.

    If you focus an attack on Beijing only, you can hold hostage an entire nation and ransom for the peace they will inevitably sue for.

    However. China hates one thing about us right now. They are stuck. They are seeing us take control of energy-rich Central Asia, which they would love to get their hands on and can't because we are their biggest customer.

    We buy their cheaply badly made lead-infested crap and if we stopped buying it, they would have to resort to cannibalism to feed their unsustainable population.

    Their power is as much a myth as that of rusty Russia's was.

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    Zero chance of any of that happening. The North koreans just destroyed one of their nuclear reactors. Also, the chinese chaired the 6 party talks, not to mention are hosting the summer olympics

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