Do police officers have jurisdiction in intersections with red light cameras?

A police officer gave me a ticket for rolling through a red light on a right turn. (Newport Beach, CA)

This intersection has red light cameras, which would have detected this and taken my picture & given me a ticket. But they did not.

Does this mean I am off the hook? Does the police officer have a right to give me a ticket, when the camera equipment did not detect that I broke the law?

Does he have jurisdiction to give red light tickets in this intersection?


To clarify, I am asking this question because, sometimes police officers like to give tickets, even where tickets are not due (maybe to meet a "quota"?). Sometimes it is just a matter of the officer's opinion.....

The red light camera has high-technology sensors that can tell how fast you're going, if you stop, the timing of the red light, etc. They are designed to follow the letter of the law and to take a picture of any offenders.

I believe that with this technology, it would be safe to say that if it took a picture of me as a violator, then I am a violator. Since it did not take a picture of me, then I am not a violator.

Now, does the police officer have the right to exercise his opinion against a sophisticated piece of equipment as such, and give me a ticket anyways?

I think this would be the equivalent of a police officer "lasering" my speed at 65mph in a 65mph zone, then giving me a ticket anyways because it's his ::opinion:: that I was speeding....

Update 2:

btw.... this camera is not just a "traffic camera" I've seen many people run the light and have their picture taken... flash and all. The camera works.....

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  • Bear
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    Yes he does. When a red light camera is installed, it does not make that intersection free of police jurisdicition. A police officer in his jurisdiction observed you commit an infraction. It does not matter that the intersection has a red light camera. The camera does not superceed his police powers.

    I do enjoy the 'filling a quota' comment though. It gave me a good chuckle today. Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So your trying to get off the the hook. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the fine. Police have jurisdiction everywhere with in the city limits. Must cameras are for making the light change when it senses your car. Also the one that are out there the are for catching people like yourself do catch everything and they are part of the police force so they already knew the police officer caught you and the video would hold up in court has eyewitness. So, you would loose the case and still pay a fine. Anyway, the camera was probably only a traffic camera.

    So sorry you got to pay the ticket, but nice try.

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    A Officer may write a citation for any violation he/she witnesses. So yes the Officer can write you a ticket at an intersection with a red light camera. The red light camera is a civil penalty. The citation from the Officer is a criminal matter.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Does it make any difference how you got the ticket. You broke the law and apparently he saw it, so that makes him an eyewitness. No you aren't off the hook, you still have to pay the fine. His jurisdiction includes the intersection.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Can you prove the camera system was operational? You know those systems are just like any other device and sometimes fail or are out of order

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Instead of trying to get out of tickets, why don't you spend your time learning to be a better driver?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ummm.... a cop on duty, in his jurisdiction....

    Yep...... He's legal.

    What does the camera have to do with it?

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