"Reasonable Man Test"?

I am stuck on my legal aspects of nursing practice assignment. I need to find out what is the reasonable man test. Can anyone help?

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    1.Business Definition for: reasonable man test

    Dictionary of Insurance Terms

    reasonable man test

    See also tort, unintentional

    Related Terms:

    Dictionary of Insurance Terms

    tort, unintentional

    individual action or failure to act as a reasonably prudent person would under similar circumstances, resulting in harm to another. Also called negligence. A reasonably prudent person is defined by the standards of the profession that are followed, and the level of expertise expected of a person with like training. An example is a CPA who fails to complete tax returns on behalf of a client according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

    2. In English jurisprudence, the highest test as to whether an action was blameless is whether a reasonable man in that position would have done the same thing. This test is considered "objective" in that it is imposed by the court from its own point of view, as opposed to the weaker, subjective, test of whether or not the party in question thought what they were doing was acceptable.

    The test can be further broken down into one concerning a reasonable man with:

    the same actual knowledge as the party in question;

    the constructive knowledge the party should have had

    Actual knowledge

    The standard is a reasonable man knowing the same things as the party in question. This might be termed a "semi-objective" test.

    Constructive knowledge and notice

    Constructive knowledge is information that the actor can be relied upon by third parties to posess. Events and circumstances may put a person "on notice"; a reasonable man would investigate further.

    Hence the full "reasonable man" test is the action of a reasonable man having the knowledge that was actually posessed, knowledge that ought to have been possessed, constructive knowledge, and respecting statutory duties. There is a further twist in the tail: in different circumstances, a different kind of "reasonable man" is presumed, to reflect the kind of person that ought to put themselves in a given position. So, trustees investing trust property ought to act as "ordinary reasonable men of business".

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    Reasonable Person Test

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    "Reasonable Man Test"?

    I am stuck on my legal aspects of nursing practice assignment. I need to find out what is the reasonable man test. Can anyone help?

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