How do i resync my xbox 360 controller with my xbox360 after plugging it into the computor?

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i plugged my wired 360 controller into my computor and now when i plug it in all of the 4 slots light up and wont stop flashing. i dont know how to resync it. please help if you know more
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Theres a tiny button on your controller and one on your 360 press them both at the same time


worked for me
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  • hoffman741 answered 6 years ago
    theres a little button on the top of you controller and you hit that at the same time you hit the one on your 360 thats next to the memory card slots
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  • dillon yew jew answered 6 years ago
    my friend did that now every now and then when i play cod4 w/ that controller i pull up the sights to aim and all of a sudden starts shotting, two tottaly different buttons.
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  • Brent G answered 6 years ago
    Had trouble with this too, there is a little button where there is two memory card slots, you click that, and that should have the range of the controller.
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