i am looking at a 1995 saab 900s with 140k miles on it for 1700 is it a good deal?

i just wanna know how long 1995 saab 900s last and if it would last me the next couple of years.

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    Take it, if nothing else you can make more money selling it as parts. If it is in running condition and after you have had it checked by a technician and past maintenenace records and looks well, it will last for more than a couple of years.

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    It will certainly last you a couple of years more. We used to have SAABS and ran them to 200K miles with no problems at all. We ran a 9000 High Pressure Turbo ( 165K ) , a 900 non-turbo (190K ) and a 9000 LPT ( 200K ), all with no issues.

    Now we have Japanese cars - nothing like as good and as soon as i get the time we'll be swapping them back for SAABs.

    Our SAAB dealer takes a picture of each SAAB they service when it reaches 300K miles - there are quite a few pics on the wall.

    At 140K you should check the timing chain has been changed, it'll be a bit slack at those miles.

    Get it serviced by a SAAB specialist, but not a main dealer - they will charge too much on a car this age.

  • 1 decade ago

    Totally depends on the maint. history and engine health. Older SAABs make it to 200k-300k miles all the time. One caveat-- 900s are enthusiast cars and their prices are slowly going back up because GM has ruined the marque in the eyes of purists. That may mean this car has issues. Hard-tops have lower prices though, and I mainly know about the convertables.

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    i got a 1996 saab 900 turbo convertible with 150,000 miles on it for $2,200 . i think it was a good deal... but the only thing i needed to fix with it was change a few hoses. so it all depends if it needs any work because if it needs work it's not worth it .

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    go to a mechanic and have it checked out well worth the money

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    1 decade ago

    No, not really.

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