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We have a sony lcd tv. when certain light switches in the house are turned on and off it interferes with tv.??

We have heard that a filter is needed for the power point that the tv is plugged into. Does anyone have the same problem and have you found a solution?????

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    The light switches that cause the interference have worn switch contacts and they arc slightly when opened or closed ! not dangerous ! maybe slightly annoying !!!

    The previous answers are all ill informed !!!!

    Cheers Pete

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    1 decade ago

    the interference your getting with the tv is caused by the change in current that flows thru that breaker connected to the wall outlet.

    although the tv probably dosnt take much power the lights do and the way they operate are effecting it.

    you either need a power filter or surge protector or a noise filter for your wall outlet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you dont already have one, get a surge protector onto the tv immediately, not a cheap one either, a good one.

    Also might be a good idea to get your wiring checked by a sparky, as the interference does not sound right at all.

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