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Can the US military invade China?

the US popuation is 300 million while China has 1.5 billion. if North Korea was invaded by US forces, China will get involved in such a war.

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    Yes, the US military has the strategic capability to invade just about any country in Asia at the present, should it need to do so. Yes, if North Korea were invaded again by the United States, China would once again take up arms against the United States. Could both nations sustain a prolonged war after such an invasion, highly unlikely. Would such a conflict occur, again, not likely, all parties involved have far too much to loose. Furthermore, the primary reason the war wouldn't easily occur is that the first signs of any potential armed conflict between China and the United States would trigger a mass exodus of foreign businesses and industry from China, and possibly Asia at large, to Africa and Latin America, likely never to return. War is usually bad for most businesses, especially in an outsource economy.

    Also, take in mind having a large population doesn't neccessarily mean you'll be able to win every war you fight. It may simply mean more people will likely die if you loose battles. If the fight is brought to you, such as in an invasion, more likely than not the infrastructure you need to support your military would be targeted for immediate elimination. Bridges, train lines, airports, aqueducts, canals, dams, fuel depots, manufacturing facilities, communication networks and military command centers would be ripe targets for airstrike.

    Simply put, it's possible, but it would take a serious break down in all communications and obvious aggressive posturing between all parties involved.

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    Population size is irrelevant when it comes to invasion- what really matters is technological-advantage. Britain conquered so many lands that the sun never set on all at once. Heck, Japan invaded and conquered China yet has a way smaller population. A better question is why should one country invade another given that they can possibly annihilate each other if both have nuclear weapons or other powerful devices?

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    Can the US invade China? No. u . s .'s militia is numerically outnumbered and at present overstretched. u . s . lost countless divisions for the time of the Korean conflict whilst they ventured too on the component of the Yalu river. Can the US attempt to bomb China? sure. yet China can retaliate. by utilising the way, China has no defence be responsive to-how with North Korea. i think of absolutely everyone seems to be in simple terms waiting for Kim to die of previous age or mellow out.

  • From what my ex-military friend tells me..........China Outnumbers American soldiers 5 to 1. That and because they are a communist country they can also call upon citizens to bear arms whether they want to or not (hence the law in china stating that all citizens of china must know some form of martial arts). So they have us beat in numbers while we as a superpower have them beat in technological force i.e. Nuclear, Chemical/Biological.

    So technically no they would beat us by sheer numbers.

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    USA is number 1 in military strength. China is number 3

    We are able to handle 2 large wars or 3 medium wars.

    We could do it but the casualties would be heavy.

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    yes the U.S. can invade China, but that would be stupid starting a war with China, since it would turn into a nuke war involving china and north korea against the U.S. and its allies. and remember, most of the products that is made is manufatured in china so we would lose alot of inports.

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    As of China now with multi-million soldiers and fairly modern military hardware, US has 2 chances of successfully invading China. Slim and none.

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    Can they? Yes, they could. But what would possibly lead to such an action?

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    did you just say china? china is not a country to be messed with,, they have nukes like the USA,, the usa will never dare to do that.. no matter how mad they are.. china is here to stay.

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