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what does" israel " in the hebrew language translate into?

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    If you look in the Bible you will find a part in Genesis

    where Jacob wrestled all night with an angel.

    There it says that Israel means one who wrestled

    with God.

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    Israel (ישראל) means exactly what it is in English - the name of the country. Although this is also a given name from the bible.

    Source(s): I can speak fluent Hebrew.
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    well israel was first Cannan then after the jews broke free they were called the israelites and so israel comes from there.

    Source(s): learned in school
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    יִשְרָאֵל‎ ("Yisra'el")

    The modern country was named "Medinat Yisrael", or 'the State of Israel'.

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    dunno, something that means israel in hebrew?

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