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Will my fish be ok without a filter overnight?

I have a Bio-wheel 350. I cleaned and reassembled the filter and now it's not flowing water. The outlet is fine. I took apart the tube and the impellar and made sure there were no obstructions. Continuously filled with water. For about 4 hours I have tried to get it work and to no avail, no water flow. I have a feeling I just may have to buy a new filter unit but it won't be until tomorrow afternoon. Will my fish be ok without a filter for that long? Please help me anyone. I am stressing.

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    Probably but if your fish are use to getting water changes I would change the water first. Go to

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    You'd be surprised how hearty most fish actually are. One night without a filter will most likely not hurt them. The only thing that might, is if your tank is over-stocked and you don't have an airstone or plants or anything like that. Don't do a waterchange - it could lead to a re-cycle with a new filter. Bio-Wheels rely on bacterial colonies to transfer ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate - the nitrite spike would be what killed your fish (after you got a new filter!) Also, when you get a new filter, use your old filter's media (depending on how well you cleaned it)

    Fish'll be fine.

    Source(s): I've got four fish tanks, all with various filters. I've totally neglected tanks in the past and had the fish turn out just fine. I've also turned off filters over night if they got too noisy in my bedroom. I've got angelfish that breed, bristlenose plecos, ottos and bettas. (not all together!)
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    JoeWildman: Yes you do need to clean your filter, as long as you clean it with dirty tank water you will not destroy your filter colony. If you don't clean the filter, it turns into a nitrate factory.

    As for the question, it should be fine overnight. I'd buy a spare internal power filter and keep it just in case this ever happens again.

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    Yeah, it'll be fine, I have a fish, and I don't even use a filter, I mean, I used one before, but that was for only a day, and seems fine without it, If you can find like a piece of cardoard and cut out a lid for the fish tank [if you dont already have one] then youre gonna be fine. And I've had my fish for 4 years. It's a betta. Hope it helps!

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    Your fish will be fine, but you're not supposed to clean your filter. Cleaning your filter removes helpful bacterial that remove harmful nitrites and ammonia from the water. I recommend checking your instruction manual for help, and if that doesn't help check to see if your warranty will cover the repair or return of your filter. Good luck.

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    if you can put the filter sponges in a bucket with an airstone, if not mine was ok overnight when there was a powercut. When you get the new filter make sure you put the sponges from your old filter into the new one

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    They will be fine!

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