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Obama said"I am going to give health insurance to 47 million Americans who are now without coverage."But ?

Obama said"I am going to give health insurance to 47 million Americans who are now without coverage."But are they "Americans?"

Illegals now get free emergency-room treatment for life-threatening conditions - as any other American who's entered an ER in an area with lots of illegals recently well knows. (Three-quarters of the illegal-immigrant population is concentrated in five states: California, New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois.)

But now they'd be eligible for the entire range of medical services, all free of charge. That would trigger severe rationing: bureaucrats deciding who gets to see an oncologist, who can have an MRI - and even who can have bypass surgery and who'd die for lack of it.

These decisions would be made not on the basis of legal status but on the brutal facts of triage: Treat the 37-year-old illegal with his whole life to live before you spend scarce resources on an overweight, diabetic, 80-year-old citizen with high blood pressure who smoke


Waren you aint just whistling Dixie

Update 2:

LOLYou all watch out for PB&J, she is one of the YA reporters

Update 3:

This same question was taken down by YA so it MUST have hit a nerve so I expect it to be taken down again but most of you gave GREAT answers and I just wanted to thank you now befor YA starts their free speech lesson by taking this down

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Hey Steve. anIlleagal just killed two boys and their father in San Fransisco. Now the wife and mother just wants to know WHY this guy wasnt in jail after MANY arrest

Update 5:

xenypoo. Lord what a story, I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to say I think things will get worse especially if we have a Dem as a president thedn Pelosi and Reid will be in charge of the country and look what they have done to it so far

Update 6:

kingaeacus, My simple solution is simply become LEAGLE but you didnt think of that because you were too busy spouting off

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    He must mean the taxpayers are going to have to fork over another 10% at least of their income to pay for the illegals getting free Medical Care from Hospitals because they give false addresses, and when the bill is delivered, it isn't delivered to any address, but back to the hospital, and typed on it, is RETURN TO SENDER; Address doesn't exist.

    I went to the hospital for stomach aches, two weeks ago. I sat in a wheel-chair for 5 hours, then another 2 hours in a straight-backed hard chair, and I was sicker than a dog, puking in a plastic pan! Know why? The hospital was low on wheel chairs, and gave mine to an illegal alien, not more than 17 years old, who was very pregnant! She was obviously in no pain, having no contractions whatsoever, unless she is Jesus' Mother Mary reborn, and could just sit there, and have no expression on her face, or signs of pain!

    She had an interpreter, and I know a bit of Spanish, being I was born, and have lived in S. CA most of my life. The girl could speak no English.

    I sat and listened to this older woman LIE to the nurse about how old this young girl was, saying she was 18, went to college in Los Angeles, was a citizen, and was ready to have a baby.

    This girl was NOT 18! If she is a citizen why can she speak No English??????

    Whenever the nurse tried to get her to speak, answer a question, the girl just looked at this older woman interpreter, and said NOTHING!

    Her baby is now an American citizen, and no Liberal, especially Obama is going to send this child-mother home to Mexico.

    The girl also had no insurance, she was dressed like a tramp, and had dirt on her polyester pants and blouse, she wore sandles on her feet, one strap broken, and mud caked on the bottom of her heels.

    I sat on my hard chair not 4 feet from her.

    Obama, along with Nancy Pelosi wants Amnesty for the illegal trespassers who have already broken our laws to illegally enter, like a reward. NO! I say no!

    Not only through taxes will rightful American citizens suffer, but also through their pain waiting for 7 hours in a hospital for care, because some illegal tramp got in before you!

    And we get to puke in a plastic bucket for an extra 2 hours, and sit in a hard chair while the illegals get toted around like Kings!!!!!!!!!

    Get a grip, Libs! You're losing your common sense, if you ever had any!

    Source(s): America first, always! Another added tidbit...if this girl was going to a college in LA, why was she in San Diego, dressed in old scumy clothing, and dirty like she came out of a bush? Doesn't sound like college material to me!
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    In the US stats don't change much unless it starts affecting the rich. Nearly 40 percent of the uninsured population reside in households that earn $50,000 or more.1 A growing number of middle-income families cannot afford health insurance payments even when coverage is offered by their employers. Why is the number of uninsured people increasing? Millions of workers don’t have the opportunity to get health coverage. A third of firms in the U.S. did not offer coverage in 2006.4 Nearly two-fifths (38 percent) of all workers are employed in smaller businesses, where less than two-thirds of firms now offer health benefits to their employees.7 It is estimated that 266,000 companies dropped their health coverage between 2000-2005 and 90 percent of those firms have less than 25 employees. Rapidly rising health insurance premiums are the main reason cited by all small firms for not offering coverage. Health insurance premiums are rising at extraordinary rates. The average annual increase in inflation has been 2.5 percent while health insurance premiums for small firms have escalated an average of 12 percent annually.4

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    So what's your brilliant solution then? Let them all die?

    "Ohh, your an illegal, sorry, you can just head on down straight to the morgue, thanks."

    Or probably some equivalent that doesn't make you sound like such a monster to yourself, something that sounds more justifiable.

    Ohh, and you don't seem to know much about the medical system in the US right now, because you already have a system where "bureaucrats deciding who gets to see an oncologist, who can have an MRI - and even who can have bypass surgery and who'd die for lack of it"- it's called the insurance industry, genius. You know, those parasites who suck away 100's of billions of dollars yearly from the medical system providing all that desperately needed bureaucratic overhead. And people wonder why the US pays the most for healthcare, per person, of any country on the planet yet STILL has millions of people uninsured.

    The ignorance of people on this issue is beyond astounding, Why don't you go and read something about the US healthcare system, and why it's crap (hint: it has nothing to do with "illegals"), and then come back here and give us your insights, hmm?

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    I agree with you 100%!

    This will totally destroy our country.

    The Obama groupies think he will save all the poor people by taking from the rich and giving it to them. They just don't understand that the only way to achieve Obama's promises is to tax everyone! We will certainly become a socialist country.

    The Obama groupies also believe that President Bush is the reason this country is in the state it is in. How wrong they are. Congress has everything to do with it and more.

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    How right you are, and thats just how its gonna work!! If your over 60 and un healthy, too bad you should have taken care of yourself, you have have not smoked, or drank, and you should have watched what you ate, so too bad, you put yourself in the position to be unhealthy, so live with it!! thats the commie way!!! and thats the way socialized meds work, in a one world order!! thats what we are headed for, because some of the silly ones out there are voting for one of the canidates, because they think he's cute!!!! Cute won't take care of the people of the USA!!!!!!! wake up and smell the roses!!!

    Source(s): I could not believe this yesterday, when I saw it on a question on y/a CUTE!!!!!! that was the reason for the vote, young girls should not be allowed to vote, not unless they own somethnig, they are the ones who will ruin this nation!!!! Land owners should be the only one to vote!! if ya own something, then you are a responsible adult!!!!
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    I read Fleeced by Dick Morris too, Thanks for educating others about this. I pay big bucks for insurance now but, at one time I did not have insurance and had to be hospitalized for 11 days. I'm paying that bill now and will be paying into my 70's. Since I have to pay why don't the illegals?

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  • Illegals dont just go to the ER for life threatening situations, they go there for basic medical care also. They can avoid public clinics and make you wait in line with your serious condition while they are getting cold medicine. If they walk into an ER, they are treated, not thrown out. This happens a lot in CA and TX.

    Who do you think pays the bill for this? The middle class of course. The same that will foot the bill for Osama's ridiculous heathcare plan.

    I have medical insurance and i pay out the a$$ for it, but i do so, so my family can get decent medical care. But my taxes are also paying for deadbeats and illegals to mooch off the govt for their healthcare. I say, screw them!!! Get a damn job and buy your own healthcare! I pay almost as much for insurance as i do for rent already!

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    God, Jesus Christ and Gospel Music is what made my country great.

    We don't need a Liberal who is going to destroy my beautiful Protestant nation and turn it into a nation with no religion to be our president.

    God Bless America.

    Black Folks for McCain

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    GOD DAMNIT--i just read the first part--already pissed---NO NOTHING for illegals--get out---get out---get the HELL out of here..illegals came to the place where i lived to do landscaping .cut the hedge 5 feet to short--cut my rose plants cause they had no flowers on them YET,,,thought they were sticker bushes or something---STOLE MY RAKE---you f-U-C-K-E-R-S---no English--all you could say to me was ----gee ga---dah,,,--OBAMA --NEVER--why in the hell does he want to do this,,,,WE DONT WANT ILLEGALS--we have too many as it is that need to go--i will be damned if some illegal will have benifits before me and my family,,,us first!!!!!!!

    Source(s): U.S.A FOR U.S.A
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    He does mean the "Americans without coverage..." There are so many people who don't have insurance or who have been dropped by their insurance companies. My brother whos is nearing 50 is bound to his job because of a pre-existing medical condition. It's horrible that he has to pray that he'll never get fired or that his company will never get into financial difficulty.

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