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how old is the oldest budgie in the world?

how old is the oldest budgie in the world or what is the record

and it would be good if you could show a photo but that doesnt matter as much



omg ur so funny

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    I think Kylie Minogue is about 40 now?

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    Budgie World

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    I remember reading somthing in the newest addition of guiness world records 2008, the oldest bird which died in 2004 was Cremello a yellowish white budgie, she was in... well... i dont know when but the newest addition 2008 is the most updated and the budgie was 31 years old, im 100% sure it was 31, the record was set in new york by a woman named robyn maddock with her life long bird...

    hope i answered your question xoxo

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    According to The Guinness Book of Records, 1995, the oldest budgerigar on record is Charlie, who lived from April 1948 to June 20th 1977 - a total of 29 years, 2 months. He was owned by J. Dinsey of Stonebridge, London, UK.

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