Is it possible to buy saffron seeds in australia and if so where?

I saw a program that showed a farm in australia or new zealand and they were growing saffron was wondering if I could purchase the seeds anywhere in australia to grow my own for personal use ?

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    Not hard to get in Australia mail order. Crocus is a bulb, you could grow from seed but very slow easier to buy bulbs.

    Don't be worried about mail order, I was originally hesitant but found everything arrived in good order and fabulous plants that wouldn't be available in nurseries.

    Two of my favourite bulb suppliers that may be able to help, G & S Reid,RMB 6270, Allans Flat, via WODONGA VIC 3691 & a fellow that grows many varieties of bulbs and has had what you are looking for in the past, Hill View Rare Plants, 400 Huon Road, South Hobart, TAS 7004 definitely worth inquiring from. Also not that expense and being a bulb will go on for years.

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    Saffron Seeds

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    Growing Saffron

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    We have Kashmiri Mogra saffron bulbs for sale for 18 EUR a kg(200-300 bulbs a kg). MOQ is 10 kgs.

    If you are interested, contact me at: ricarddebloois at gmail dot com

    We also are advisers in putting up saffron farms.

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    I checked and it seems IRAN is the best place to buy it, I put in saffron seed, and it took me to many websites!

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    Saffron is the stamen from an Autumn Crocus. I looked high and low for the BULBS so I could grow some myself and I could not find them. I think you have to get them in China.

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    saffron are rare and expensive is aus...

    but u can still buy them... probably u need to visit the farm itself n ask the owner of some :) lol lol

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