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Help: What time is 0700 in normal o clock time?

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    0000 - 12:00am

    0100 - 1:00am

    0200 - 2:00am

    0300 - 3:00am

    0400 - 4:00am

    0500 - 5:00am

    0600 - 6:00am

    0700 - 7:00am

    0800 - 8:00am

    0900 - 9:00am

    1000 - 10:00am

    1100 - 11:00am

    1200 - 12:00pm

    1300 - 1:00pm

    1400 - 2:00pm

    1500 - 3:00pm

    1600 - 4:00pm

    1700 - 5:00pm

    1800 - 6:00pm

    1900 - 7:00pm

    2000 - 8:00pm

    2100 - 9:00pm

    2200 - 10:00pm

    2300 - 11:00pm

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    What Time Is O Clock

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    It is 7:00 AM

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  • Anonymous
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    the easiest way to remember 24 hour time is when theres something past 12 noon, all the way up to midnight.

    take 12 off the first two numbes. and that is your 'oclock' time

    eg 1500. 15-12=3 so its 3 o'clock

    hope thats an easy way for you to remember it

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    7am on a 24 clock.

    Source(s): as a seaman it is my work to know the 24 hr. clock i.e. midnight being 2400 and 0100 through 1200 noon and then 1300 pm onward to 2100pm and a new day at 0001 1min after midnight
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    7 am.

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    7:00 am

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    7 AM.

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    1 decade ago

    11: 31 gmt

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