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15 years old,breast cancer, please help?

Okay, so what are the chances of a 15 year old having breast cancer? There's no major family history of any cancer.

But, I just want to know exactly how likely it is, and what are any symptoms?

I'm scared, please help?

From what I've read about it, it seems..possible I have it, but I'm not sure.


The breast I'm worried about doesn't hurt, or discharge anything, but its bigger than the other, and there's no, distinctive LUMPS, its like, kinda overall lumpy.

If that makes sense.

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    Of course it is possible. Even males at 15 can get breast cancer. If you have a lump it could be cancer. You should go to the doctor or you might die.

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    Don't worry honey- majority of bumps and lumps in teens aren't breast cancer. It is very very rare for a teen to get breast cancer. If you have a family history, be sure to get a mammography every 6months to 1 year, to be safe. For now, see a doctor (it can't hurt right?) and make sure eveyrthing's okay.

    Good luck! It could just be a cyst which will go away on it's own ;-)

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    4 years ago

    15 yr olds do not get breast cancer. Don't even worry about that. It could be a harmless cyst that is causing you pain or some remaining damage from your brother hitting you. If it continues to bother you, see your doctor, but it is surely not cancer.

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    First off do have you felt a lump in either of your breast. yes it is pobbable you could get it. but if you have a lump it would most likey be a cyst but i would tell your mom and go to the doctor right away that is nothing ot mess around with dont worry its most likey nothing go to the doctor know good luck

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    You should RUN to the Dr. it is better to be safe then sorry. And yes a 15 yr old can get breast cancer even men can get breast cancer.

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    you are not getting cancer the chances of getting breast cancer are 35 to 40. dont worry you should be ok, i get scare sometime because most of family has breast cancer

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    at 15 that very rare, to have breast cancer, signs lumps , discharge from nipples , if you are concerned see a doctor..,and get them check out , also check for lumps on your period time monthly

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    Super, super rare in people your age. I think I was that old when I found a lump. I went to the doctor and he said it was fine. Go ahead and make an appointment but its probably nothing.

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    its not common for a teenager to get ANY KIND OF DISEASE. but it happens. so i wouldn't worry about it. and symptoms are erectness and redness of the breasts. and if you feel lumps. some lumps are completely normal

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    If you think you have it, talk to your doctor right away. Don't be asking us questions about it. Talk to your mom. It's probably not to common, but talk to the doctor and your mom.

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