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Where can I find MSG???

Where can I buy MSG for cooking? Can it be found in Coles or Woolworths etc (being in Australia), any help to locate this would be appreciated..

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    Alas MSG is no longer available in the herbs and spices section, you will however find it in a lot of things as flavour enhancer 620 to 625. There is a product called Vegeta you will find it in the spice section (top shelf at my local safeway) its in a blue container. It is predominately a soup stock but I use it to flavour pretty much anything from fried rice to cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches. Delicious! It is a product of Croatia so it may be in the continental section aswell.

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    Where To Buy Msg

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    try an asian/chinese supermarket. they always have at least 2 different brands. Coles/Woolworths do not stock it anymore

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    In the states it is call "accent" and available in the spice section.

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