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How do I get the white part of my eyes whiter?

I'm known to have really white teeth and latley my eyes have seemed yellower in comparison. And I have a scare on my right eye from a chilhood injury. I know as I get older by eyes are going to be in contact with more dry air, smoke, and other harmful things and are going to get more close to yellow. Is there any way to whiten them? I know there must be some safe option out there XD emphasis on SAFE


And I defintley don't have a liver problem!!!! My eyes are not yellow per se. Their just not as white as my teeth!!!

I don't have jaundice or any disease and i don't need to see my doctor.

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    I think there is actually a type of eye drop that is suppose to do that although I haven't esearched it. As far as the safety of something like that, you're probably best off to just go to your eye doctor and see what they recommend.

    But a little makeup trick is to apply a small amount of white eye liner on the underside of your eyelashes and just a bit on the inner corners of your eyes. Then lightly line your outside lashes with a navy blue. Makes your whites look very white. Just use a hypoallergenic product.

  • Janet
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    thats a great questions and dont buy contact lenses because first off IT WILL NOT HELP AT ALL contacts cover the colored part of your eye (brown. green in eyes) they DO NOT cover the white part. and they are also pretty uncomfortable to put on for the first month

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    5 years ago

    Iv heard in the past to drink or eat lots of lemon. Don't now if it works iv never tried.

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    There is a milky white protein based compound that you can put in your eyes. It might help whiten them.

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    the sclara's (white part of the eye) color is a genetic thing. Look at your parents and check their slcara against your newly whittened teeth.

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    Yeah, yellowing eyes is a bad sign. You should definitely see a doctor.

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    yellowing eyes is a symptom of quite a few diseases. You mgiht wan tot talk to your doctor

  • yellowing of the eyes are signs of dieseas see a doctor

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    I think you have a liver problem, usually yellow eyes effected by liver disease, go check with your doctor. don't put anything in your eyes, u didn't know if it safe or not.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Once your liver gets better the jaundice will usually go away on its own.

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