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What are the central beliefs of Shia muslims? What are the central ideas the differentiate them from others?

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1. They consider Hazrat Ali to be the Wali i.e. descendant, companion, associate,lord of Allah.

The Arabic-English Dictionary of the University of Damascus lists among the various meaning for wali:

"Legal guardian. A friend or protector. Someone who is supposed to look out for your interest. Guardian, curator, custodian, keeper, caretaker, patron, sponsor, supporter, protector, defender, friend, associate, companion, saint, holy man, lord, chief, master, owner, proprietor, holder, possessor".

2.Shia worship Hazrat Ali R.A. and his decendents.



3.Shias have legalized prostituion (Mutah)

4.Shias curse the companions of prophet Muhammad and his wives.

5.Shias believe the Quran is incomplete and the real quran is with their 12th imam who is hiding in a cave.(lmaooo)

@ Mohamamd K. Bring proof for your claim.

Here is the proper link to prove my claim.




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  • Oum Fatima Rose answered 7 years ago
    You will often hear misrepresentations and outlandish statements about Shia beliefs. I don't know why that is, just to spread hatred I guess.

    Anyway, a lot of this is a bit overwhelming for the question you asked. I think Karina gave a great answer, and a good jumping off point for further research. I've included some helpful links.

    BTW, many non-Muslims don't realize that Muslims (whether Sunni, Shia, or any other) believe in the resurrection of Jesus (as), and that he will walk with the Imam Mahdi (the Muslim Messiah, if you will) at the end time?

    Now I need to defend against another answer.

    1. They consider Hazrat Ali to be the Wali i.e. descendant, companion, associate, lord of Allah.
    -- Untrue. The Shia consider Imam Ali (as) a descendant, companion and associate of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    2. Shia worship Hazrat Ali R.A. and his decendents.
    -- Untrue. The Shia revere Imam Ali (as) and the descendants of Prophet Mohammed. They are held in high-esteem. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), his daughter Fatima Zahraa (as) and the Shia 12 Imam are considered models of virtue.
    -- If this were true, then by the same mode of reasoning one could say that the Sunni worship Abu Bakr (as) and Aisha (as).

    -- what proof? this is just a link to a forum index. Are we meant to read every forum post to findthis 'proof?'

    3. Shias have legalized prostituion (Mutah)
    -- Untrue. Mu'tah is a fixed-term marriage contract. Although it's true that some people abuse Mu'tah and liken it unto prostitution, that is not the way the practice is intended. There are always some in any group that have to ruin it for everyone.

    4. Shias curse the companions of prophet Muhammad and his wives.
    -- Perhaps some do, but Sunni state this over and over again. The worst I have ever heard a Shia say against anyone is "Astaqfirallah" (God forgive me) about Aisha (as). It is felt she made some poor choices during the course of the divide over the Caliphate/Imamate, but is respected for teaching others about Islam. Aisha (as), along with all of the wives of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), are held in high esteem as the Mothers of the Believers.
    -- With that said, Abu Bakr (as), Yazid and Uthman (as) are, it's true, extremely disliked for their machinations, ordering and carrying out the slaughter of the Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) family, including his grandchildren.

    5. Shias believe the Quran is incomplete and the real quran is with their 12th imam who is hiding in a cave.(lmaooo)
    -- Untrue, and one of the craziest things I hear Sunni saying about Shia. According to the Shia, the 12th Imam is in occultation, meaning existing outside of time, before being resurrected at the end times. A Christian may understand this through Jesus (as), who is also in occultation until his resurrection. Jesus (as) is in occultation in heaven, whereas the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi, is in occultation on earth, like the sun hidden behind the clouds.
    -- The story spread by Sunni is a gross misrepresentation. The story is simply that the last place the Imam Mahdi was seen was, by some accounts, in his uncle's cellar or in a cave.
    -- Imam Mahdi is not bringing "the real Quran" nor is the Holy Quran considered incomplete. The Holy Quran is considered perfected by Allah (SWT). Imam Mahdi will bring further texts that will help enlighten the Quran, and he will draw forth all of the religious texts.

    *ETA: OK I've only been taught about the perfection of the Holy Quran and know nothing about the above mentioned missing parts eaten by a goat. I'm not a scholar of Islam, just a Comparative Religion major and teacher :)


    I've not done any research on this site, and don't know much about it or it's reliability, but I included this article as it does a nice job of explaining the concept of the Imam Mahdi in simple terms:
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  • Karina answered 7 years ago
    Central beliefs same as Islam. Minor variations due to fiqh issues as well as cultural divides sometimes. The main sticking issues seem to be (for Sunnis)

    Shiaism allows fixed term marriages. It is a way of taking responsibility and reducing heartbreak for mature adults.

    The other thing is that Shias go to a special service for Ashura at the mosque where everybody wears black and listens to a sermon. nobody beats themselves or anything like that.

    Otherwise, based on what you see when you go to the mosque or go to Shia Muslims' homes, there is basically no difference between them and Sunni Muslims. They tend to avoid music, dress in hijab, avoid pork and alcohol, talk about hadiths a lot, respect their parents, etc. They have arranged marriages, eat delicious food...

    Oh, the third difference is that Shia Muslims are more relaxed about combining prayers if you get busy. So if you go to the masjid they will actually do Dhuhr and Asr or Maghrib and Isha back to back - at least in certain occasions -because the reasoning is they want to make sure you do it. Whereas Sunnis who get busy tend to wait until the end of the day and do four prayers all at once when they get home, as Qada.
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  • MUhammed K answered 7 years ago
    according to Glorious Quran Absolutely NO DIFFERENCE both follow hadith,hearsay,both partialy reject Glorious Quran ,
    in sunni text of hadith mutah is allowed too..but banned by umer.. now the question is according to hadith ,it was a legal/religious practice before Umer,and as in hadith Mutah was decreed by allah and practiced by Prophet Muhammed too (STRICTLY ACCORDING TO HADITH),but umer banned it..well now the question why did Umer ban mutah as it was allegedly in hadith books it was decreed by Allah Allmighty ? how could umer dare to prohibit such religious practice such as mutah ???
    how could umer go against Prophet Muhammed..how could umer dare over ride Allah and ban it ?
    hadith books are nothing but a crap

    @ Sarah Joseph ,,why do you ignore the fact that Sunnis have the same belief that Glorious Quran is incomplete...a goat ate few surahs of Ehzab in which Rajam was allowed..
    before this goat eating thing happend Surah Ehzab was of 200 verses..get real plz
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  • ....I Love You All except .... answered 7 years ago
    it's alot to paste here
    but check this site by fellow Muslims about shiaism religion from their sources

    and read here many articles about shiaism


    edit :
    The Creed of Shi'a from Their Own Sources

    1.) He has the Quality of 'Badaa'.
    2.) This means he forgets.
    3.) He makes mistakes.
    4.) He plans but this does not take effect.
    5.) He does not know who to appoint as the next message conveyor, the next Imaam.
    6.) "We (shias) do not worship such a god who gives authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu'awiyyah and Uthmaan."
    7.) They say "Ali says.....I am the first and I am the last. I am the manifest and I am the hidden and I am the heir of earth."
    8.) Shias say that the Imaams are the face of Allaah,
    9.) The eyes of Allaah among his creation.
    10.) The tongue of Allaah among his creation.

    References :
    (1.) Usul Kafi- Babul bad'aa - Al- Kafi Vol- 1 -P283 India Ed. ( 2.) Ibid (3.) Ibid .(4.) Ibid. (5.) Ibid. (6.) Kashful Asraar - 107 - Khomeni.. (7.) Rijaal Kashsi . 138. India Print. (8.) Usul- e-Kaafi -83. (9.) Ibid. 10.) Ibid.

    New Kalimah (testimony of faith)
    1.) Laa ilaaha illaahu Muhammadur Rasulullaah -Alli waliyullah, Khomeni Hujjatulillaah
    2.) Laa Illaaha Muhammdur - Rasulullah, Ali waliyullah wazi Rasulullah was Khalifauhu bila Faslein"
    3.) - Shia 'Islaam' based on 5 pillars - Salaat, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj, Wilaayat.
    4.) - Azaan is "Ash Hadu Anna - alian Waliullah Wasu Rasulullah was Khalifatu hu bila faslrin"

    (1.) Wahdat Islaami - June 84 P1- monthly Iranian Goverment. Periodical. (2.) Ali Waliullah - Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. (3.) Usul- Kafi. 4.) Listen in Arafaat.

    1.) They believe in 12 Imaams after Rasulullaah .
    2.) First being Ali (R.A).
    3.) Last being the 12th Imaam
    4.) Who is in a Cave 'Surra - Man- Raa'.
    5.) Imaams they believe are Masoom- innocent.
    6.) They can make Halaal- Haraam and Haraam - Halaal .
    7.) They can change Deen- Sharia.
    8.) They are born of their mothers thighs.
    9.) They have the knowledge of the Unseen.
    10.) They say Imaams are higher in status than the Ambiyaa including our Nabi.
    11.) No concession regarding Wilaayah- (absolute necessary belief).
    12.) If one does not accept Imaams then one is a Kaafir.

    (1.) Usul -e - Kafi. (2.) Usul -e - Kafi. (3.) Usul -e - Kafi. (4.) Usul -e - Kafi. (5.) Usul -e - Kafi Vol 1 P225 / Kafi - Kitaabul Hujjuah. (6.) Usul -e - Kafi Vol 1 P225. (7.) Ibid. (8.) Ibid /Haqqul Yaqeen P126.(9.) Usul -e - Kafi Vol 1 P225. (10.) Ibid / Al Hukumatul - Islaamiyaa - 52 Khomeni. Hayaatul Qutoob Vol 3, P10 /Ibid Vol 2. P787. Footnote. (11.) Usul -e- Kafi Vol 2. P278. (12.) Usul -e- Kafi Vol 1. P225.

    The 12th Imaam
    1.) When he comes he will bring the original Quraan.
    2.) He is in hiding, in a cave.
    3.) He is alive observing the world, in totallity.
    4.) When he comes, he will be naked. Rasulullaah will swear Allegiance to him. (Allaah protect us).
    5.) He will first dig the grave of Abu Bakr (R.A) and Umar (R.A),then hang them on a stake - for all sins of mankind.
    6.) He will remove the body of Ayesha (R.A) and implement the same punished for Zina.
    7.) He will then kill the Sunni Scholars.
    8.) Punish the Muslim Ummuah.
    9.) First kill Ahle - Sunnah, then Ulama, then Kuffar.

    (1.) Usul-e- Kafi. (2.) Islaamic Goverment P42/ Usul -e- Kafi P340. (3.) Hukumatal Islaamia -P52. (4.) Haqqul Yaqeen 2/227- 2/347. (5.) Haqqul Yaqeen P 361/2. (6.) Also Vol 2 P 611/ Haqqul Yaqeen - P 347/ Mullah Baqir Majlisi. (7.) Furoo Kafi - Kitaabul Raudah - P 527 also Tafseer Majmanul Bayan/ Hayaatul Qulub Vol2 P 611. (8.) Hayaatul Qulub Vol2 P 611.( 9.) Haqqul Yaqeen- Vol 2. P 527 ASlo Maj Manul Bayaan.

    1.) Not Completed.
    2.) Has 17,000 Aayats.
    3.) Our's has 6,666.
    4.) Abu Bakr's opposed the text of the Quraan.
    5.) Original Quraan with 12th Imaam Mahdi.
    6.) Do not produce Haafiz.
    7.) Do not perform Taraweeh.
    8.) Quraan will be read/ learnt when 12th Imaam brings it.
    9.) Ali (R.A) showd original Quraan to Sahabah(R.A) who rejected it.
    10.) Passages mentioning virtures of Ali(R.A) has been purposefully deleted from the Quraan.
    11.) There are 2,000 shiah traditions making many additions and subtractions in Quraan.
    12.) The 'Murtaddeen'- renegrades have removed the name of Ali (R.A).

    (1.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tibarsi approved by Khomeni in ' Al- Hukumaat -ul- Islamiyaa". (2.) Usul Kafi P671. (3.) Usul Kafi P671. (4.) Kashful Asraar P111.(5.) Usul Kafi 2-632. (6.) See Iran. (7.) See Iran. (8.) Usul Kafi - p622. (9.) Maqbool - 1067 - Usul Kafi Vol1 P228. (10.)Tafseer Ali Qummi-308 /Usul Kafi 1:416/Footnotes of Maqbool's translation 637/ Al- Ihtijaj- Tabarsi- 1-254/ Tafseer of Saafi- 1- 32/ Muqaddamah 6 , from Tafseer Saafi P32 Vol -1. (11.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tabarsi.(12.) Surah Muhammad, Ayat 9, Para 26- Molvi Maqbool Dehli P1011.

    Taqiyyah (essentially means to lie to hide the truth)
    1.) The believe in Taqiyya.
    2.) This means 'Holy Deception'.
    3.) To believe in something but express/ say something else.
    4.) They say 9-10th of Deen is Taqiyya.
    5.) They say, he who has no Taqiyya has no deen.
    6.) There is a great reward in Lying.
    7.) They say the great Imams Practised 'Taqiyya'.
    8.) They say Alli (R.A), Hassan (R.A), Hussain(R.A) practiced 'Taqiyya'.
    9.) They say Hussein (R.A) practiced 'Taqiyya'.
    10.) Perorm Jamaah salaat with Sunni's.
    11.) Visit their sick .
    12.) Perform their Janazah Salaat.

    (1.) Usul -e- Kafi. (2.) Ibid. (3.) Ibid. (4.) Ibid. (5.) Ibid. (6.) Ibid. (7.) Islaamic Goverment P35/ 133 .(8.) Ibid. (9.) Ibid. (10.) Usul -e- Kafi. (11.) Ibid.(12.) Ibid.

    Sahaabah (companions)
    1.) They say all Sahabah (R.A) companions except 3 left Islaam after demise of Nabi .
    2.) They say Abu Bakr(R.A) Umar(R.A) and Uthmaan (R.A) robbed Ali(R.A) of his position of being Khalif.
    3.) They say Umar(R.A) was a 'Original Kaafir' and 'Zindiq'-renegrade.
    4.) "Abu Huraira (R.A) was one of the fuquaha, but god knows what judement he falsified for Muaw'iyya and others like him, and what damage He inflicted upon Islaam."
    5.) They say Abu Huraira (R.A) used to fabricate Ahadith.
    6.) They say Muawiyya (R.A) poisoined Hassan(R.A).
    7.) They say Muawiya (R.A) was a tyrant opressive ruler.
    8.) They say Qazi Shurray (R.A) used to issue judicial pronouncement in favour of the ruling party. He was a sinful wretch occupying position of Judge.
    9.) One should dissociate with the 4 idols: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Muawiyya and 4 women Ayesha, Hafsa, Harid, Umm-al-Hakam.
    10.)One should curse the above after each prayer.
    11.) Pharoah and Hamaan refer here to Abu Bakr and Umar.

    (1.) Anwaar - No'maan Niyyah - P245. Vol 2. Nimatullah Jafaari./ Furu Kafi, Kitaabul Raudah :15 - Mullah Muhammad bin Yaqoob Kulaini Vol 3 P115/ Usul -e-Kafi Vol 2, P 246 Rijaal Kashsi P504. (2.) Al- Ihtijaaj - Tibrasi 83, 84./Haqqul Yaqeen, P 157. (3.) Haqqul Yaqeen , 551/Kashful Asraar P119. (4.) P 143 - Islam goverment. (5.) Islaamic Goverment (6.) Al-Anwaar un Nomaniyyah - Vol 2. P88-87 Jazaari.(7.) Ibid. (8.) P81, Isl/ gov. (9.) Haqqul Yaqeen- Vol. 2 P519/ Furru Kaafi P342 Vol 3/ Jilaa - ul- Uyoom -P45 - 46/ Hayaatul Quluub P 375. (10.) Ainul Hayaa P559. (11.) Haqqul Yaqeen P342.

    12.) Faathima should complain about Ali's big stomach, no wealth and bad features.
    13.) Abu Bakr and Umar are Kaafirs
    14.) Abu Bakr is calf on Bani Israel.
    15.) Ali is a mosquito and a fly.
    16.) What did the Zuleikha of Makkah, Bibi Ayesha have, that the 50 year old Nabi got moved to her.
    17.) Nabi accepted (in marriage) an uncouth person such as Hafsa. Not withsatanding the fact that she was a widow and facially deformed.
    18.) Imaan refers to Ameerul- Mu'mineen- Alli Kufr refers to Abu Bakr fisq(weakness) refers To Umar isyaan(disobedient) Uthmaan in Surah Hujuraat.
    19.) Umar is an illegeitimate child.
    20.) Abu Bakr and Umar are worse than Shaithaan and they are dwellers of Jahannam.
    21.) "When I entre Makkah and Madinah as the conqueror, my first duty will be to go to the grave of Huzoor and exhume the bodies of the two idols."
    22.)"We shia's know the three Sahabah's(Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan) as being void of Imaan"

    (12.) Mullah Baqir - Jilal Uyoon- 58 Chapter on Faathima.(13.) Haqqul Yaqeen - P552. (14.) Haqqul Yaqeen - Tafseer Qummi P160. (15.) Tafseer Qummi P29. (16.) Haqeeat Fiqh Hanafi P64 /Ghulaam Hussain Naqui.(17.) Ibid P124.(18.) Usul-e- Kafi P229. Vol 2.(19.) Tazkiratul Aimma - P103-4.(20.) Haqqul Yaqeen - P509 - 510.(21.) Kitaab be Noujawanaan - P8.( 22.) Tajalliyaar-e-Sadaqaat - P201- Muhammed Hussain Dhelvi.

    Mut'a (temporary marriage, legalised prostitution)

    1.) "It is disliked but permissable to have Mutah with a prostitute, especially( it will be more enjoyable) if she is famous for her prostitution."
    2.)One time 'Muta' reward is Jannat.
    3.)When the couple sit in Solitude, angels protect them.
    4.)Their Speech is Tasbeeh .
    5.)When they touch hands, sins fall from their fingers.
    6.)When they Kiss, reward of Hajj and Umrah for both.
    7.)On bathing - every drop from each hair brings reward of 10 Thawabs, 10 sins drop, stages raised by 10 fold.
    8.)From every drop of water, angels created to make Tasbeeh till Qiyaamat.
    9.)'Muta' with believing women is like 70 times journey to Ka'aba.
    10.) Contractors of 'Muta' will cross the 'Pul Siraat' like a flash of lightning.
    11.) After making muta Once - The stage of Hussain is reached. After making muta twice - The stage of Hasan is reached. After making muta thrice- The stage of Ali is reached. After making Muta Fourth- The satge of Rasulullaah is reached

    (1.) Tahrirul Wasillah Vol-2 P292. (2.) Ujul - e- Hasana P15. (4.) bid.( 5.) Ibid.( 6.) Ibid. (7.) Ibid. (8.) Ibid. (9.) Ujul - e- Hasana P16.(10.) Ujul - e- Hasana P17. (11.) Tafseer Mianjajus Sadiqeen 1:356.

    1.) They have their own Quraan.
    2.) They have their own Ahadith Books(Usul-e-Kafi) etc.
    3.) They do not believe in our Ahadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc.
    4.) They have their own Fiqh, Fiqh - Jafari.
    5.) They have their own concept about Allaah.
    6.) They believe that Imaams get 'Wahy' Divine Revelation.
    7.) Their Aqaaid, Salaat, Azaan, Hajj, Fiqh is different.
    8.) The concept of Ambiyaa (A.S) is different (they failed).
    9.) Their concept of Sahaabah (R.A) is different.
    10.) They Practice 'Muta'(Temporary Marriages) .
    11.) Terms of Sehri and Iftaar are different.
    12.) Ghusl for the dead is different.

    (1.) Usul-e-Kafi .( 6.) Usul -e-Kafi .(7.) Usul-e-Kafi Vol2 P278/ Tafseer - al- Waeelah Vol 1 P280.(8.) Ijtihaad - wa- yak- jihati- Khomeni -15/ Islaamic Goverment P37/ Tehtan Times 29 June 1980/ Knomeni Imaam Mahdi Celebration. (11.) Tafseer - al- Waeelah Vol.(12.) Ibid.


    13.) 4 Imaams are dogs.
    14.) Ummah like Swine's.
    15.) Ayesha and Hafsa are both Hypocrites
    16.) Ayesha and Hafsa - Poisoned Nabi before his death.
    17.) May Allaah curse them (Ayesha/Hafsa) and their fathers (Abu Bakr and Umar).
    18.) Their religion of the state of Iran is Islaam and Jafaari, Ithna Ashaari. This basis is forever, and it is not open to any amendment nor abrogation.
    19.) Everybody, exept us *!*!*!*!es are illegitimate.
    20.) Nasabi group are those who preferred Abu Bakr and Umar over Ali.
    21.) It is true that Allaah has not created anything more despicable than dogs.
    22.) But the Nasibi is even more despicable than dogs in the eyes of Allaah.
    23.) People of Makkah openly refute existence of Allaah.
    24.) People of Madinah 70 times more unclean and polluted than people of Makkah.

    (13.) Tazkiratul Aimma P102- Baqir majlasi.(14.) Usul-e-Kafi Vol2 P337.(15.) Hayatul Qutub - 2:745- M.B.Majlis.(16.) Maqbool Dehlavi - Imaam Baqir- Surah Ali Imraan : 134.(17.) Ibid.(18.) Constitution . (19.) Furoo - Kafi in Kitaabul Raudah - 135/245.(20.) Haqqul Yaqeen 521.(21.) Ibid 2/516. (22.) Ibid 2/516/ Ilaalus Sharaa P299 - Shaykh Saduuq. Usul-e-Kafi P410 Vol ...( 23.) Ibid.

    General Ummah
    1.) Most dirty and polluted left over water is that of a sunni.
    2.) Not permissable to marry sunni because they are Kaafir.
    3.) Cannot eat animal slaughtered by sunni.
    4.) Sunnis created from soul of Jahannam.
    5.) Shia's created from soul of Jannat.


    (1.) "Manlaa Yahuruldul Faqiah" - Vol 1. P8.( 2.) Tahdhidul Akaam/ Ibid Vol 3 P258. (3.) Ibid.( 4.) Usul - e- Kafi. (5.) Ibid.

    Fiqh Examples
    1.) Folding right hand on left hend in Salaat breaks Salaat.
    2.) Sex in one's wifes anus permissible.
    3.) The 9th act which breaks Salaat is saying of 'Amen' intentionally after Sura Faatiha. But this, too, is Permissible under Taqaiyyah.
    4.) No cover over the head in Ihraam .

    (1.) Tafseer - al- Waseelah. (2.) Tafseer - al- Waseelah- Vol.1 P280. (3.) Ibid. (4.) See - Hajj time.

    Our Action

    Fataawa of Rasulullah
    There is a specific Hadith about Rafida: "A sect is going to emerge who will be known by a bad connotation. They will be called Rafida. They will come neither on Friday nor in the congregational prayers. They will vilify the first generation (of Ummah). You should neither keep their company nor dine with them, nor have matrimonial relationship with them. If they fall ill do not go to greet them and if they die do not participate in their funeral prayers."

    THUS :

    1.) Shia's because of their (peculiar) beliefs are outside the pale of Islaam and as such Kafir's. Hence Islaamic bonds like :
    2.) Marriage with them ;
    3.) Using their Zabiah (Slaughter) ;
    4.) Saying the funeral prayer of their dead ones ;
    5.) Allowing them to participate in the funeral prayer of Sunni Muslims;
    6.) Making them shares in Qurbani i.e. sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Adha ;
    7.) Making them witness in the nikah of sunni Muslims ;
    8.) Accepting their monetary contributions for the building of Massjid ------- all these things are not permissable (in Shariah) and should be given up forthwith.

    Anyone who does not do so is outside the pale of Islaam and is similarly a Kaafir like the Shia's.
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  • Hussain answered 7 years ago
    let's unit the Muslims first.
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  • Jack Tan answered 7 years ago
    There are some differences in practices and believes both!

    for detailed answer read this page!
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  • Pro Active answered 7 years ago
    the only people to get reliable answers for YOUR question from this section are FTL, Muhamed, GoonerH, env412, or Heba, everbody else will give false misleading information
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  • OMAR X(Learning mode) answered 7 years ago
    Does it matter, the Buraq ride is for everyone.
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  • What are the central beliefs of Shia muslims? What are the central ideas the differentiate them from others?
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