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Big enough ferret cage?

I was just wondering if this is a big enough ferret cage for one ferret? (probably female). The dimensions are: 3 feet high, 2 feet wide, and 1.8 feet in width. It also has two levels ( the wood is water proof so it won't mold or warp, it's also not harmful to the ferret).

Here are some pics.



also, if anybody knows a site where i can load photos that doesn't require an account or log in please let me know?

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    I'm kinda iffy about it. It looks like a bird cage, in my opinion. You're probably gonna want to go bigger than that. Maybe check out Super Pet's line (they aren't the best by far, but they carry afforable options). I would go no smaller than 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft, if possible

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    Everyone is always asking about the size of ferret cages. My ferrets never stay in the cage except maybe at night to sleep, They also know how to open the cages themselves, they are rather clever animals by the way. I made my house ferret proof ages ago so they run around and do as they please just like our cat. The cage I have is big, but not huge since they are hardly ever in it anyway. I suppose it just depends how much time your ferret spends in the cage. If it's the main place for them then you have to make sure of course that it's not too small.

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    I would load those pictures onto Photobucket or Flickr.

    Facebook requires a log in to view those pictures, and not everyone has a Facebook account (or wants to)

    Anyways, ferrets are highly social, why wouldn't you get two? You better have a whole lot of time to dedicate to your ferret if you only get one. You have a lot to make up for.

    According to

    "a generous cage size is about 2 X 3 feet and 2 feet high (60 X 100 X 60 cm). "

    Edit: Personally, I would prefer a larger/taller cage for a ferret, but if your ferret gets a LOT of out-of-cage time, then I suppose that cage is appropriate.

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    I agree, that cage looks small. You need to be able to fit a litterbox through the door or it will be a pain taking the top off everytime you need to clean the litterbox (which is every day). Ferrets are social so 2 are better then one, double the fun but double the cost.

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    I would get a bigger one if I were you.

    Even if its just one ferret, it still needs room to play etc!

    Also, you need places for toys, food bowl and water bowl

    and everything your getting for it! Then theres only little room

    left for you ferret! A little bigger would be better! Good luck:)

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