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Where can I complain about Channel 7's Olympic appalling coverage?

Channel 7's Olympic coverage has been abysmal.

1. Very little is actually live

2. Live events are interrupted to bring in recorded footage of earlier events

3. Very little on screen to indicate what you are currently watching

4. Few indications of what is coming up when (probably because it would show up point 1)

5. Endless repeats of a few events and slow-mo compilations rather than actually showing sport

So, to avoid this happening in 2012, where can I complain about this to 7?

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    I agree it has been terrible. I too have been so disappointed. Talk about ruining a once every 4 years event.

    I'm pretty sure Channel 9 has won the rights for 2012. Thankfully!

    Lets hope they have learnt from channel 7's mistakes this year.

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    You don't have to worry. For the good of the country chan 9 and FOXTEL will have the coverage for the next games! hopefully with Fox sports active we will be able to just hit that beautiful red button and choose between 5-6 different events going on at the same time and watch one.

    Honestly, 7 is only good at doing their American cheap knockoff shows and gossip news shows, i can't even remember the last time i put on 7 besides being forced to endure their horrid reporters ( except for the road race cycling at the start) to watch these olympics, i hope i never have to push that 7 button again!

    Its so funny they show the Dream Team in all their ad's and " previews" but I think they have showed only a few minutes of their games compared to the HOURS of gymnastics and reverse parking of horses!

    All those people who say its going to be unfair that you need foxtel to see ALL the coverage for the next olympics... well... if you can't afford the $50? a month for the package... well you have much bigger problems then watching olympics and should probably be trying to fix that issue lol

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    Lack of broadcast of events to which Australia is not competing in.

    Too many advertisements and at inappropriate times during events and poor commentating of events.(except Gymnastics,which not many people have an interest in)

    Live sound from events is faded and so the prominent sound is the commentary.

    Furthermore,Seven's coverage is widely criticized by many viewers,who are angry at the networks contractual obligation to show AFL over the Olympics. Many team sports are delayed.No Roy and HG???

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Some of your grievances stem from the U.S getting their way, winning start times in prime time.

    I'd say $even is doing the best they can with what's been made available to them.

    You must remember this Olympiad is in Communist China not Jamaica!

    They probably have to work with broadcast delays so that China's censors can scan ahead.

    London will be a lot more of what everyones used to.

    -lol especially if your a night owl (10hrs behind oz)

    Source(s): You'll never get an undisrupted main event unless it's in your time zone or online
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    The montages are abysmal...Live sport is on and they put together a cross promotional montage comparing deal or no deal with Usain Bolt winning the 100m. It would be laughable if they weren't ruining an amazing event.

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    Find a phone number or email address for Channel 7 and then ring or send something in. If you are unable to find this then contact sunrise, they will find it for you. There have been a large number of complaints put in already but if everyone did this then it helps more.

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    There is an ABC Sports feedback icon on the page at this link. Start there.

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    That's what all the Olympic coverage is.

    Dude, it's on a hundred different channels, just find another one.

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    I get annoyed that they never say what time anything is on, they just say its coming up tonight or later today.

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