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Can mollies, platies and guppies live together?

I have 9 guppies, 2 platies and 4 mollies. I would like to put them together in a 30 gallon tank.Please may I know how many more can I put in the tank.

I have another 30 gallon tank and I want to put a blue discus in the tank. Can I put a pair in the tank.

Thank you in advance for answering my question


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    I should think that the mollie, guppies and platys should do fine just as long as each species has more females than males as for example if there were no female mollies the males would try and mate with the female guppies and platys which will kill them as they are not the same type, its the same with all live bearers.

    These fish are very peaceful so would get along well and im sure you could put some more in but to be sure its better to ask at you local pet store or where you bought your tank from

    Regarding the discus they would need a much bigger tank because they grow fairly big.

    Not only do they need a bigger tank but they prefer softer water conditions to bring out their colours. However this can be done through using R.O water which is filtered water that takes out the impurities that the declorinator cant remove.

    Discus also require a shoaling fish to live with like tetras. This is because in the wild they would use the shoaling fish as their eyes, e.g. if the tetras began to get stressed it would alarm the discuss or if the tetras darted off then the discuss would be more aware.

    Discuss also prefer extra fine gravel or sand rather than normal gravel as it replicates their natural habitat

    hope this helps

    Source(s): I work in an aquatics centre and i have had platys and guppies
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    Your guppies, platies and mollies can all go together quite happily in a 30 gallon tank. The only thing is that guppies and mollie can and will try to crossbreed. The fry produced by such a crossbreeding are seldom viable, but that doesn't stop the fish from doing it. Also, guppy males and molly males will try to chase females of all other species. So make sure that the females of the combined species outnumber the males of the combined species in a 2 to 1 ratio. That is, add up ALL the female fish in the tank and make sure you have 2 to 1 for ALL the male fish in the tank. That way none of the female fish will get harassed too much and made stressed and ill. If you do have females, I'd leave your tank as is - no more fish. You'll be getting plenty of fry soon to fill up your tank.

    If you have all males of all species, then you can get 5 or 6 more fish. Some cories might be nice. Or a little bristle nose pleco or oto to clean up your algae and the food that makes it to the bottom of your tank. :)

    2 discus in a 30 gallon tank should do just great. Just make sure you cycle the tank first and keep their water conditions very good. Discus are quite sensitive.

    Source(s): Long time fishkeeper & pro guppy breedeer
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    The livebearers should do fine together in a single tank, just be careful with your platies if you have only one male and one female, as the male will tend to bully the females to death unless it's a 1-3 or so male to female ratio. All tend to have enormous amounts of babies, so I'd recommend just leaving it as is quantity wise.

    As for the discus, they need perfect water continuously and a larger, longer tank in order to do well. Even a pair does best in a minimum 55 gallon tank. You could instead do something like a small african cichlid tank or perhaps a pair of angelfish, but discus are not suited for such a small tank. Hope this helps you!

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    Since you have 2 30 gallons then you can put the guppies platies and mollies but just to warn you that guppies produce a lot so i would get 5 guppies, 5 platies, and 5 mollies for your first week then the next week put 10 neon tetras to add some color to the tank then add 5 more platies and 5 mollies but keep the guppies at 5 to prevent from reproducing. I would also get 5 snails for bottom feeders to clean up a little. As for the discus, they need about 55 gallons per discus so if you intend to keep those 2 discus in the same tank forever i recomend not buying 2 but only 1.

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    Not sure about the discus, I am pretty sure each discus needs 25 gallons each, so you could put 1 discus in a 30 gallon. Yes you can put all the livebearers together, but you need them to be in a ratio of 1 male for every 2+ females, or all males or all females.

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    you sure can! they should get along quite well. just watch out if you have males and females though, these fish breed like rabbits and can pretty easily take over your tank with many of unwanted fry. how many you can put in the tank depends on what fish you're talking about. guppies, probably another 10. mollies or platies, i wouldn't put in any more than five. it also depends on the type of filtration you have.

    I strongly suggest you don't get any discus. they really do need pretty huge tanks. i wouldn't keep them in anything smaller than a 75g. they also need pristeen water conditions, a very delicate fish.

    good luck :)

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    The guppies, platies, and mollies will do wonderful in a 30 gallon tank. You can get 5 more fish. Ask your pet store to!

    You can but a pair of discus in the tank. They will work out wonderful to. You can also put 5 more smaller fish in this tank.

    Hope this helped!

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    Guppies, Platties, Mollys = Yes.

    Discus no. They need more space, places to hide, etc.

    You shouldn't keep them all in a 30 gallon tank.

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