How do you knit a blanket?

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Do they make REALLY long knitting needles? You'd want to be able to knit 4-5 feet worth of blanket. I don't want to make it in patches and sew together.
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Use circular knitting needles. The longest I've seen is 40" (not the needles, but the plastic tubing in between). You should be able to do a good size afghan on those. It doesn't have to be 40" or under, it can be bigger. According to my understanding, you should be able to do something up to 3 times the size of the needle (I've never tried, so I don't know for sure.)


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  • lumesire answered 6 years ago
    You'd want to use circular needles, and work back and forth as you would on regular needles. With 47in. circs, I see no problems making a good-sized blanket, other then how heavy it would get on the needles.
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  • seweccentric answered 6 years ago
    Most blanket patterns have it knitted in long sections that are later sewn together. It's easier to knit something 5' long when you're only working with a 2' wide section at a time.
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  • Grace H answered 6 years ago
    They do make pretty big knitting needles, but it might be easier to crochet a blanket
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