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Why was Michael Phelps in London during the closing ceremonies?

shouldn't he have stayed in China til the end? Theyre showing him being interviewed in London during daytime as the ceremonies are taking place.


Yeah, it didn't make sense that that UK soccer player (the spice girl's husband, forgot his name) what's his name was in China and Phelps was in of 08's biggest athlete in London - not right :)

Update 2:

They showed all the American athletes during the closing ceremonies and he certainly would've been shown too if he was there, but instead they cut to London for what looked like a LIVE cut, with the whole red white blue jets flying and all with Phelps there. So he was not at the closing ceremonies!

Update 3:

to Zactooh I had to laugh when I read ur answer that England has better human rights - which country is it again that colonizes the globe - India and Africa to name a few continents it has looted and taken over. Oh yeah it even tried to colonize the US.

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    Did not make sense having an American talking about the games in London. They should have had a Britt do it.

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    Phelps did tell ESPN today that he will miss the closing ceremonies in Beijing on Sunday, and will instead travel to London for the "handover ceremony" for the next summer Olympics.

    It was David Beckham whom Beijing passed the torch on to the 2012 Olympics host, London.

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    Yeah, he was a sellout. He chose to do some self-promotion in London rather than staying to witness the closing ceremony put on for the athletes and the world.

    In the end, he's the one who missed out. He missed the (arguably) best opening and closing ceremonies the Olympics has ever seen. His only memories are literally those in the pool. Whatever. If he doesn't appreciate the Olympics, at least the other athletes did!

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    The captains of each and every US team vote for the flag bearer and that they chosen him. via the way, he's initially Sudanese, not Kenyan, and he has a popularity- Lopez Lomong. All due admire to Phelps, Lomong's tale is a lot greater inspiring and transcends activities. i became very proud that our team had him carry the flag somewhat of a few celebrity, which incorporate another countries did. So what if he did not make the finals? this might properly be a quote from stunning after his final race: "Wow, what a great journey for me," Lomong mentioned. "to come lower back here with my great colours on my chest and having a good kind of persons waving the flag, that's impressive." it incredibly is the authentic Olympic spirit.

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    That interview in London didn't make any sense. I had no idea what was going on during half of the Cirque de Closing Soleilmony.

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    I think most people found it quite odd or worse. The only thing I can think for their reasons is that Phelps might be a big draw for them, and they might already be stressing about their financial commitments and their audience draw. Money. That's how all the golf tourneys behave about Tiger Woods here anyway. Big star big draw.

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    technically, there was a 12 hour tape delay with the olympics closing ceremony in the east coast and a 15 hour tape delay in the west coast.

    that means he could of stayed but then flew to london.

    Source(s): time difference in Beijing. i was at Beijing for half of the olympics.
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    American and British are close cousins anywhere and everywhere.

    This Bush or that Bush,they chatted well with Tony or Brown. Maybe Micheal Owen and Micheal Phelpss are cousins too

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    He's getting ready for 2012

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    He was there because London was having some celebration about the Baton being passed over to them for the 2012 games. I didn't quite get it either but oh well, he looked absolutely gorgeous! *Drools all over the floor lol.*

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