What you need for wireless ps3?

okay i have a 2 wire modem from sbc yahoo. okay well in my netword connections under lan or high speed internet i have 2 things a local aread connection which is real tek. and1394 connection. when i first got this computer i just connected my modem i had internet. now i got a ps3 and its in the living room and i want to make it wireless what do i need i have a broadband wireless g router linksys.but i have trouble installin it because i dont have internet after i install it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Since you have a 2WIRE go under network settings on the ps3 and go to connection setting and then automatic and scan it should find your 2WIRE and just input the WEP or WPA (located under the 2WIRE) then test connection. Should work then

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