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baby girl middle names?

okay so im not expecting a baby or anything but my friend is expecting a baby girl we got the first name picked whitch is Adrien but we cant seem to pick a middle name.... any ideas

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    adrien lynn

    adrien mylynn

    adrien nicole

    adrien faith

    adrien denise

    adrien aliese

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    Adrien Elise

    Adrien Danielle

    Adrien Audrey

    Adrien Josyln

    Adrien Shea

    Adrien Brie

    Adrien Brooke

    Adrien Noelle

  • Congrats-

    Adrien is a pretty name! How about

    Adrien Olivia

    Adrien Rose

    Adrien Elise

    Adrien Emelia

    Adrien Mae

    Adrien Brynn

    Adrien Jane

    Adrien Kae

    Adrien Lynn

    Adrien Noelle

    Adrien Zoe

    Adrien Esme

    Adrien Morgan

    Adrien Alexis

    Adrien Bree

    Good luck!

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    Adrien Ryan

    Adrien Claire

    Adrien Mae

    Adrien Sue

    Adrien Rose

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    1 decade ago

    Adrien Nicole.

    Adrien Jade.

    Adrien Lynn.

    Adrien Joy.

    Adrien Francesca.

    Adrien Taylor.

    Adrien Grace.

    Adrien Tatum.

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    Adrien Maria

    Adrien Dorothy

    Adrien Elizabeth

    Adrien Veronica

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    Adrien Jean

    Adrien Travis

    Adrien Jak

    Adrien Adora

    Adriena Mackenzie

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    1 decade ago

    I prefer it spelled Adrienne, but I love the name itself.

    Adrien Rose

    Adrien Hope

    Adrien Melody

    Adrien Charlotte

    Adrien Natasha

    Adrien Joelle

    Adrien Elizabeth

    Adrien Olivia

    Adrien Gabrielle

    Adrien Lilliana

    Adrien Juliet

    Adrien Renée

    Adrien Danielle

    Adrien Faith

    Adrien Vienne

    Adrien Heather

    Adrien Sage

    Adrien Leigh

    Adrien Brielle

    Hope this helps!


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    Adrien Ronell

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    I'm just going to say that you should spell the name however you want. They say Adrien is masculine and it should be Adrienne but what about the names Aaron, Chris, and/or Tony. They're more of a boy's name also, but I know a lot of girls with those names.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    these days there are so many different ways to spell names! Your friend can spell it however she chooses! I had an Adrianne in class with me; but there was an older guy in the neighborhood named Adrien.

    Both names were pronounced the exact same!

    Adrien Leigh Ann would be my first choice at names, if I were to use it.

    Adrien Beth (?)

    Adrien Sue (?)

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