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About Venus and Mars?

Where are your Venus and Mars? By Sign and house if you know it.

I want to perface this by saying I am not necessarily talking about sex or even male-female relationship. I am referring to needs in general.

I read recently that Venus represents what we need and Mars represents how we go about getting it. It would seem to me that if these two planets are different signs then our methods of getting want we need may be ineffective. Any thoughts?

And if you can relate it to your placements, what do you want and how do you go about getting it? Are you successful?


And I know emotional needs are governed by the Moon. This is slightly different.

I hope that star is because someone is composing their answer. :D

Update 2:

Thx Rach, that was awesome!

Update 3:

Ryan- So did Arch. lol Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all 12-14 degrees Libra right now. Too funny!

Update 4:

Great insights. Thank you for digging deep.

Devo- You can relate it to relationships if you want to. There is no wrong answer here.

I have Mars in Leo conj Moon in 1st. Venus in Virgo 2nd. My Mars is not very effective in getting me what I need. What I think I want, yes. But not what I actually need sometimes.

Update 5:

Thanks Pretty and concrats on the job.

I have Venus in 2nd house Virgo so I know exactly what you mean. It is important for my surrounding to be harmonious. Anything that is out of sync gets on my nerves. lol

Still waiting on Janet...........

Update 6:

Janet- my thoughts will be with you. I got all those things ready for Hanna. But I forgot to get something to light the candles with. Fortunately, it wasnt an issue.

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    I love questions such as this one.

    I don't fully understand my Venus and Mars placements, even though I've put a lot of years into studying it. What I don't understand yet about my Venus placement is not a part of your question.

    I have Venus conjunction Mars in Pisces, and I've definitely seen the connection of this aspect. It is a wide conjunction, and goes across the cusp of my 5th and 6th houses. Venus sits at the very end of my 5th and Mars at the beginning of my 6th.

    I think this aspect gives me a great deal of energy and determination, because even though I think and feel like what is said to describe Pisces (Sun/Mercury), I don't relate to many of the negative traits said about Pisces Sun.

    I think that Venus in Pisces in the 5th gives me artistic ability which shows up in many parts of my personal and work life. I don't have the predisposition to gambling or other forms of financial speculation which is predicted, because I prefer wise investments and safe stock. I hate gambling because I think it's all rigged. I have Jupiter sextile the Venus conjunction Mars, and that could be the key there. What it says about love of romance, entertaining and hobbies is very true. I never get bored for any long period of time because I have tons of interests and hobbies.

    Mars in the 6th ... well I'm the poster child for this placement. I have a strong drive to work, and I've had careers in every field indicated by every planet in which Mars aspects in my natal chart. I have a strong work ethic, and I'm probably a workaholic. The Venus conjunction comes in handy there, because it helps me turn off most of the work stuff when I get home and want to unwind.

    The Mars 6th placement is indicative of service to others, and that has reflected on much of my work ethic. In addition, I have always felt drawn to volunteer work. I spend much of my spare time doing volunteer cancer support for a large government organization.

    I haven't escaped the prediction of health issues with regard to Mars in the 6th. I've been dealing with cancer since I was a young child. I've had several surgeries, mostly indicative of the 6th and planets in aspect to Mars.

    At one point in my life, I realized that I could not continue to work unless I found some way to adapt to my health issues. I decided that there was nothing I did in my work that I could not do on my own, and I started my own business during a period of good health. That has worked out well. I plan A around the events which I know will probably happen, and I have plan B for the unexpected (Venus and Mars are square Uranus).

    Based on my personal experience, I would definitely say that Venus represents what we need and Mars represents how we go about getting it.

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    Sag Venus and Cap Mars, both in my 11th.

    Well, my Venus is all about the big picture...Freedom in group situations and generally a sense of "brotherhood". Although I do have to admit that she's not a very good judge sometimes (pretty fickle) and that causes problems to the rest of my chart because there is too much Capricorn...

    My Mars, on the other hand, is probably one of the few effective parts of my chart...and a practical one. It can get me anything I want, but the bad thing is that Venus is the master..."Whatever she says" kind of thing...Sometimes I wish he was more brainy than her, lol. Generally, though, I have no complaints about him whatsoever...neither about my Venus, even if I seem to complain (a lot). I suppose the Capricorn in me cannot stand so much Jupiter when it comes to my relationships (my Jupiter also falls in my 7th)

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    Ahh, I'm at work, such interesting question but I don't have time

    My Venus and Mars is in Capricorn, Venus in 2nd and Mars in 3rd. I guess what I need the most is Stability and I do want to be financially stable and successful.Relationship vise ( I read that it's not really about relationships) I want again stability, comfort and I like to be pampered by my partner. What I do to get it? I get an education, start working on my career and try not to be a push over. In relationships I'm super picky and I hate the idea of settling for less then I deserve.

    Want to say more but the boss would be upset, i'll probably add later

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    Oh my goodness Jamie - you are waiting for my answer, oh my - sorry to keep you waiting.

    Well, my Venus is in Capricorn in the 6th and my Mars is in Scorpio in the 4th. Yes, I can see that Venus represents my needs and Mars does represent how I go about getting it. When I set a goal, I am relentless in my pursuit of it. I will do it in a socially acceptable manner as reputation and maintaing dignity are what I need. Mars does this quietly and persistently - most of the time I have been successful in achieving my goals.

    Right now I am preparing for Ike. I need to feel safe, secure, in control, prepared - ready; the way I go about this is knowing when and where he will strike and having batteries, candles, food, water, gas, cash on hand. I will do what I must to protect myself and family to achieve my goal.

    Wish me good luck, Jamie!

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    My Venus is in Capricorn, in midheaven.

    Sextile Mars.

    I don't know exactly how this placement represents my needs...I guess I'm too close to the subject there.

    But it is a very very good description of how I met my mate and what I find attractive...through work, and I find all the business trappings and a person who can handle himself in that realm to be totally attractive.

    My Mars is in Pisces, in the 12th. Mars op Pluto, Conjunct ascendant...okay, so I'm a bit of a power freak when it comes to like powerful people, and they seem to be attracted to me. With Mars in the 12th, I do, indeed, tend to be circumspect about my one knows, I keep them to myself, and underneath the calm surface is a LOT of emotional energy, often not channeled, so that all that energy sometimes it becomes a hindrance. I get tired a lot when I'm in a situation where I have no emotional outlet...

    I burn myself out.

    I used to channel all that energy into art; emotional upheavals became almost like a muse: I would go through months of creative expression, poetry, paintings, short stories, drawing....

    Now, I've been so tied up in business and just "life stuff" I haven't had that kind of time, so all that emotion builds up and burns me out from the inside.

    :-) that's all your getting.

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    Oh lol....I just asked a venus question too..........what today international venus day or something ?

    My venus in gemini in 8th house

    and My mars in cancer in 10th house

    My venus ( or I ) always want a fun yet deep and meaningful relationship, I dont like those fickle , scatter-brained player dimwits as well as those who just keeps everything to themselves , even their own names ( lol ) and actually can not hold a decent conversation. I do love a moderate talker though, but what he/she says need to be deep, meaningful and interesting....

    My mars in cancer in 10th house , I guess I need to include the conjunction of the planet witht the sun as well, as I identify myself the most through career choice and public image ....and I would easily go on the attack if the areas covered by this house is under threats. As for how I would go out and achive my venus' desire, I would say I am generous and tend to shower those I love with gift and attention. I also care a lot about them , both materially and emotionally.

    Probably because Sun conjunct Mars , even though in cancer, they are in 10th house, I have a problem with dependency, although dependency here means I actively let people depend on me rather than the other way around. So actually some cling onto me for support and I am perfectly fine wit that. And yes, so far I think it is working in my favour. Still that is stilll up to debate.

    Yeah jamie, cosmic alignments in libra.....come to think of it, venus mars mercury in libra is conjuncting my asc good.

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    Venus in 9th house--pisces

    Mars in 3rd house--virgo

    mine are opposites so if what you say is true then i go by getting what i want the wrong way :P

    I need to be loved. I think that if I show them that I can give them everything they want and need then they will automatically return the favor. It seems to never work and I lose out and become frustrated. Wow that was a great insight. Love Astrology don't you :)

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    Hello my dear im sorry if i dont answer this q as in depth as you would like, its just that i finally got a job and my schedule has been hectic so i am in a bit of a rush.

    Venus in Virgo. 2nd house. Mars in Scorpio 4th house. I need to be in an optimistic environment, I cant have people raise their voice, I feel so uncomfortable. Everything needs to be in order & quiet. Or else i feel really akward and out of place. I go about this by speaking to everyone in a calm sweet tone, very mellow. I need to be known as "the nice girl". I dont like people thinking of me as rude or mean, So i act as friendly and helpful as I can. I usually get what i want. That's how i feel about my surroundings.

    When it comes to determination, Like for example I am graduating High school in 9months. Im missing a bunch of math credits, I could wait until next year to make them up, or do senior year all over again. but hell no, i do everything with quickness( And by quickness i mean really get it done fast ASAP). Im already halfway done making up those credits. If i need something, I have to get it right then and there. I am going to study Veterinary Science next year! (My first college year, Yay!) But why wait till then? Im already brushing up on all kinds of medical books. Im also thinking about going into the Funeral director field so i will def. be taking classes for that next year also. Basically what i need is knowledge and peaceful surroundings, and i go about getting these things by doing it right away, no procrastinating! NO!!

    I would write about my relationships but no time! I have to go get ready. I'll see you later *bye!*

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    Space Truckin-Deep Purple

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    Well, I have my Venus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house. I tend to find pleasure in life's lessons, philosophizing and discovering all that there is, and broadening my horizons with the people I meet. In the 2nd house, I suppose that I do seek stability and material wealth, and high social status is important to me. My Mars is in Libra in the 12th house, and when I go about achieving my wants, I normally go after it in the most straightforward and patient way possible. I tend to find that things come to those who wait. I have never had to struggle to gain the things that I want. The right people seem to come into my life, and I let things naturally take their course. My chart balances out my Venus wants very nicely, as I know how to be charming enough to easily put myself in situations that I want. I am very good at changing myself to fit a situation, so if it is something I ultimately long for, then I will take the necessary action to accomplish it.

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