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Queria 15 frases com verbos irregulares,uma no 'Presente Perfect' e outra no 'Past Perfect', alguém me ajude?

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Oi querida, não entendi muito bem quantas frases em quais tempos você quer, então vou fazer 15 de cada, ok ? Todas com verbos irregulares.

1-) You have done really well
2-) She has lost her keys
3-) My grandmother has won a lot of money out of gambling
4-) I have been married for 2 years
5-) Have you dreamt a lot lately ?
6-) Have you seen my last English grades ?
7-) I have had the worst nightmare
8-) Have you ever eaten shrimp ?
9-) Have you read "The secret" yet ?
10-) She has found the answer to her prayers
11-) I have never been to Europe
12-) My car has been broken for two weeks now
13-) My boyfriend has written me five love letters
14-) Have you spoken to Mary lately ?
15-) Have you thought about travelling with me ?

Geralmente, o past perfect é usado quando queremos expressar duas ações que ocorreram no passado, uma na sequência da outra, sendo a primeira ação feita no past perfect e a segunda no simple past, assim:

1-) When my mother arrived, I had already left
2-) When I found lower prices, I had already bought my skirt
3-) I had never eaten japanese food before, until I went to Kazan Sushi
4-) I didn´t pay the bill at the restaurant because I had fogotten my wallet
5-) I didn´t call you because you had told me you wouldn´t be home
6-) The thief had spent the money when the police caught him
7-) I had been hidden in my closet until he found me
8-) He had already eaten dinner when I arrived
9-) By the time my parents came home, I had already made dinner
10-) We played cards for a few hours after they had gone to bed
11-) When I tried to feed the peagents, they had already flown away
12-) They didn´t invite you because they had lost your address
13-) When my mother came to help me, I had already done my homework
14-) I had been doing her job all day when she asked If I wanted to rest
15-) Had you spoken to her before she had her plastic surgery ?

espero que te ajude. beijão
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Queria 15 frases com verbos irregulares,uma no 'Presente Perfect' e outra no 'Past Perfect', alguém me ajude?
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