Why is this street called "the Paris end" of Collins Street?

On a tour in Melbourne,Australia, I took a ride in the City Circle Tram Car, and the announcer said, the next stop is the Paris end of Collins Street. We were on Spring and Collins Streets. Why not say the up-market end of Collins Street or something, instead of referring to it as an European city?


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    Collins Street is a major street in the Melbourne central business district and runs approximately east to west.

    It is notable as Melbourne's best known street, is often regarded as Australia's premier street, with some of the country's finest Victorian era buildings.

    The 'Paris end' (Eastern end) is a part of Marvellous Melbourne mythology. Although modern development has destroyed some of the European flavour of the top-end of Collins Street it still retains designer boutiques and cafes.

    Majestic and tree-lined, Collins Street is renowned for its style and glamour. The elegant boulevard is lined with grand heritage buildings built on the riches of the Victorian 19th-century gold rush, chic designer shopping, five-star hotels, exclusive jewelers, makers of fine chocolate, and private clubs. Shopping on leafy Collins Street means shopping for international labels, haute couture, high-end jewellery, fashion accessories and luxury goods at flagship stores including Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton.

    Striking architecture can be found along the entire length of Collins Street, ranging from historic Gothic-style churches to Art Deco delights, and magnificent theatres.

    And affectionately nicknamed the "Paris" End.

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    Paris End Of Collins Street

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    When Melbourne was boring and drab and years behind the times and nothing at all special (not the marvellous city is now is), the 'Paris end' of Collins Street really stood out from the rest of the city. It was tree lined with wide footpaths and dozens of discreet little boutiques selling clothing and shoes and decorator items from Europe that weren't available anywhere else. It had cafes and sophisticated restaurants at a time when Melbourne's food scene was at best, unexciting, and at worst, simply dreadful. Times have changed, but the name has stuck.

    Source(s): I grew up in the 50s and 60s in Melbourne and loved visiting the top end of Collins Street to see something of how more sophisticated parts of the world lived. It was another world back then and deserved its name, at least in comparison to everywhere else in Australia at the time.
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    Because Paris Hilton Visits This Street When She's On Secret Holidays In Australia.

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