Sony trinitron tv remote messes with ihome?

When I hit either the channel buttons or the power button on my remote control for my Sony Trinitron tv (which is about 6 years old), my IHome alarm clock 'sleep function' actuates. So, everytime I change the channel on my tv, my IHome thinks it needs to turn on the radio for whichever increment of time I "choose" on the remote. To try to have this make more sense.; I hit the power button, Ihome goes to sleep mode '120 minutes. Start surfing the channels and It keeps doinng this in the same increments you would choose if you kept hitting the sleep button. 90, 30, 15 etc. My IHome doesn't even have a remote control option!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most Ihome devices have a remote control capability, even if your unit did not come with a remote. Evidently your TV and your iHome use the same codes for some functions.

    Most TV remotes (including my old Sony Trinitron) use infra-red (IR) pulses to communicate. IR is a "line-of-sight" system, so moving either the TV or the iHome to a different part of the room should solve your problem.

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  • lapari
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    4 years ago

    i've got been in this acceptable comparable issue. Mine's a Toshiba and grew to become into not properly matched with any common distant on the marketplace. Hate to declare it, yet except the shop's keen to furnish you your money back, you have misplaced some money. you may provide it to a chum or save it as a spare or something, positioned it to three use. ultimately I had to reserve yet another distant direct from the Toshiba website. attempt e-mailing Philips tech help, see what they inform you.

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