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Can anyone help me?

My Suzuki Intruder 125 VL won't start. Its always been a little sluggish since I bought from new 5 years ago. Its broken down a couple of times then randomly starts up again a few days later. On start up however it never starts first time round. I've checked the spark plugs and sometimes they spark sometimes they don't,that's with new plugs too. it intermittent firing and doesn't seem to have the power to turn over.

Bump starting doesn't work and the battery is all powered up.

Does anyone have any ideas please!!!!

Now though its completely died on me.

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    Take a deep breath. I have a feeling there's more to this however, If it's true that your spark plugs arent firing, Then of course the bike wont start.

    First things to check.... Kill switch is off.

    You already checked plugs, now its plug wires and coil's. If it

    doesnt start at all, then whats the odd's both wires or coil's went bad at the same time (Could happen).

    Better the odd's that the brain (electronic module) is crappy, and this would be a classic sign. Now since its a UK bike and I havent found spec's, if it had points instead, I would also vote for them.

    Last, befor eyou say it intermittantly sparks, are you sure plugs are grounded right when testing them ?

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  • Never worked on motorcycle before. although I have worked on cars, trucks, lawnmowers etc...

    There are more components to ignition then then you have checked, If you have replaced spark plugs and set the proper gap on the plugs check or replace spark wires, distributor, coil or magneto or what every creates and/or distributes spark initially.

    Sounds like part or parts may have had moisture humidity issues making ignition difficult or impossible silicon spray will help keep moisture out of these components.

    Good luck Hope you figure it out, you could also try a repair manual locate one at the library or dealers.

    P.S. You might find manual online.

    Source(s): 20+ years of working on repairs and trying to figure out why wont it run!?!?
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