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Do you agree with Sarah Palin that it doesn't matter what is causing climate change?

Palin says it doesn't matter what is causing climate change because what is important is that it is happening and we need to do something about about it.

But if it is human induced, wouldn't that indicate a drastically different course of action than if it is not human induced? How can that problem be solved if we don't know its cause.

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    What... you can't understand english. She said, "we need to do something about about it."

    What part do you not get?

    BTW, why don't you describe the "drastically different course of action than if it is not human induced."

    I got to hear this one.

    Anyway, for you lamers... here is what she is saying.... "Quit fighting over the reason and start doing something about the problem." You liberal never understand people that "get things done." She is a "do-er" and not a "talk-er." Democrats will spend the next 20 years analyzing the situation and not do squat.

    Look at the Democratic controlled congress and what they have accomplished!

    So does a doctor need to know if you were in a train wreck, a bus wreck, or a car wreck to stop the bleeding.

    These people answering here look like simply high school science students that just learned about cause and effect. None of you kids are old enough to vote anyway.

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    No, do not agree. To solve a problem you always look for its causes. Not sure what she meant by this but she is out of it. All she is worried about is the drilling in Alaska for the monies of course. Climate change is natural but it is also human induced, we are making it change faster.

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    The difference is that a successful argument of human-induced climate change can be used to force industry to clean up its act.

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    Man made global warming doesn't get much attention nowadays...mostly because it has been shown more and more that it was junk science and greed at it's worst.The Messiah Gore disciples aren't speaking too much because they are embarrassed

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    Not only that, if climate change were happening like she says, you know, without the influence from us like scientists say, then that means we can't do anything about it.

    I think we are going to have to check her climatologist credentials


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    In order to do something about climate change, we need to know what's causing it, Dummy...I mean, Palin.

    Obama/Biden 2008.

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    All the planets in the solar system are showing slight increases in temperature. It's not man-made.

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    No that is a silly answer, especially from someone whose dad was a science teacher.

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    Well no, if mankind is causing it, then mankind must change its actions. How can we do something about it if it is natural?

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    No. Understanding the causes will in part dictate our response.

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