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swelling at tip of penis?

The very tip of my penis (where urine and sperm comes out) is swollen and red only on the left side. It also has a very uncomfortable itch. I have not been sexually active for more than 3 months and I don't masturbate. Do you think i just irritated it with soap or my boxers?

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    Sorry I have to be the one to tell you this: But you are infected. swelling and redness of the penis at all in any shape or form is a sign of infection. Go get a blood test before it's too late. You whore.

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    It is NOT a urinary tract infection. This is the beginning of a yeast infection probably or possible urethritis. Keep the area clean and dry (dry being the key word). Get an over-the-counter medication like Monistat (in the women's hygiene section of the store) as this is the same medication that you would be given by prescription. Apply that three times a day to the area. When this has resolved, use foot powder made for athlete's foot (yeah, I know...but really) to keep the infection from returning. If this does not work try some Neosporin to the area. You do need to observe the area for a vesicular rash (looks like a blister) or a wart. Just because you have not had sex in three months does not mean you do not have a dormant STD. If this does not resolve within a few days or it becomes worse, please contact a doctor.

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    If it doesn't burn while he urinates, or has not pain at all, including while he has an errection, there is no itching or anything else wrong with it, then its probably just irritated. If it doesn't go down in the next day or so it could be something more serious. Possibly an infection or an alergic reaction to the soap he uses. My suggestion - tell him to switch soaps and regardless if it doesn't go down in the next few days to see the doctor. Are you sure this friend just wasn't trying to get a rise out of you? Or maybe he's trying to come up with an excuse to make you umm "see" *it*? Boys can be tricky like that.

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    First of all I thanks to the post which really give the right answer I was suffering with this and tried all the things like antibiotics and didn't help me at all until I came across this post and with in no second I bought mainstat from Krogger and after cleaning my penis I applied this all night and in morning I was almost 50% relief

    Thank you for helping me out from this situation

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    It is very easy to irritate the penis skin. Thankfully, there are penis health cremes available that treat all sorts of skin issues. I used to get really dry, swollen skin down there and the creme worked like a charm. You should look into it. Hope this helps.

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    My God - I never knew that - it's truly amazing what you can learn on this site - the end of the penis is where "urine and sperms comes out" - I wondered what that yellow and white stuff was coming out of the end of my todger!!!

    Do you have any more pearls of wisdom like that HE HATE ME - by the way, I think you'll find it should be he hate(S) me with an 's' on the end - ok sunshine?!!!

    In answer to your question - no I don't think it has anything to do with soap or your boxer shorts or whether or not you've been having a good pull at it - ok?

    Your intelligence quotient is absolutely mind numbing - he says dryly!!!

    I actually think you're lying and are too embarrassed to admit you've been humping your dog!!

    Bu Boom!!!

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    If this probably lasts for more than 24 hours, I would seek a doctor's help immediately.

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    It could be many things. Go to a doctor. It may be an irratation and simple cream will help.

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    It could be a variety of things:


    Allergic reaction to detergent/soap

    An abscess

    Sperm build up (u said 3 months right?) LOL jk

    Look, if it continues, go see your doctor, no one on Y!A can help you darling. Its better safe than sorry.


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