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Advantages/disadvantages of a xbox 360 and wii?

Thinking of buying a consol soon. Im not really a ps3 sort of guy, so its narrowed down to a xbox 360 or wii. Unsure of what one to get though, the xbox 360 seems to have sexy-er graphics and better online play, but the wii seems interesting. Plus I want to get Super Smash Bros Brawl on wii so im unsure as to which has better games. Leaning towards getting a wii at the moment.

Thanks in advance to all who bother reading/replying.

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    Wii has the better family games, you will buy a new game and have alot of fun on it. However, i find they get boring after awhile.

    The Xbox has great games, better graphics, is a better media centre but the games aren't as "fun" to do as a group.

    It really depends on what sort of a person you are.

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    Well, as a gamer who has both the 360 and Nintendo Wii I can tell you that I was unlucky enough to have to be on my 4th 360 console right now, although all repairs were under warranty so I did not have to pay anything, not even shipping. With my Wii I had a bit of bad luck too. I had to send it in for repair once because of graphics problems, and then when they fixed that I had problems with the internet adapter inside the console, but now both consoles are working properly. I think I just have bad luck with electronics. The Wii is more of a family console with many multi player games and the very interactive motion controls. Where as the 360 does have significantly better graphics and alot more violent games. If you are in to offbeat downloadable games both systems can fill that need, but the Wii tends to run out of memory a bit faster. Comparing online play the Wii offers it for free where the 360 is $50 per year. But, I should note that not every game for either system is online compatible. Wii does have one thing that no other system can beat, and that is Mario and the whole line of original Nintendo characters and games (including Super Smash Bros.). With my past experience from both company's customer support teams because Nintendo was originally based in Japan they were smart and segmented their market to give us NoA (Nintendo of America) so any customer service calls are more localized and alot more fulfilling and responsive. So, although I think most bugs are worked out of the systems by now I would say that Nintendo is better equipped to handle any console support questions if problems do arise.

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    depends. what do you want to play?

    the wii is more of a family gaming system. it's fun but if you are into shooter games like me. its' a dead end. not enough games for the older crowd(16+) the best shooter game on it so far is resident evil 4.

    the xbox is more of an adult gaming system. total opposite of the wii.

    i have a wii but i am gonna buy this one for resident evil 5. as well as every other game that has decided to ignore the wii.

    so in conclusion.

    Wii = time wasting machine. fun for parties.

    xbox = time wasting machine deluxe. more games. more fun by yourself.

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