MELBOURNIANS! omg does any1 know where BROWN t-bar school shoes/sandal are sold?

everyone has them BUT IN BLACK! i know they sell them... i think the brand is Harrison's but they definitely don't sell them a lot anymore! they have that cut out pattern on the arch/toes bit and a buckle.

sorry this is the photo of them i could find.....IN BLACK!

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  • Salski
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    1 decade ago
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    I know exactly what you mean.. but can't think of where to get them... not many Melbourne schools have a brown uniform anymore... so maybe that's why they're hard to find? Try somewhere that stocks 'Clarks' shoes... or a shoe shop near Sienna College (the private school with a brown uniform), they might have them? If you have small feet you might be able to find them in a (large) kiddies size somewhere. Good luck in your hunting!

    Source(s): I think my sister had some of them back in the primary school days...
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I even have grandchildren interior the comparable college and that i purchase from them. i do in contrast to those fund raisers because of the fact i've got faith they're taking benefit of the reality that maximum grandparents and oldsters discover it no longer simple to declare "no" despite in the event that they are able to't have the money for it. i might extremely provide a small donation directly to the faculty, yet they tie those fund raisers in with prizes to the youngsters who sell the main and of direction my grandkids prefer to win a prize. I additionally resent the reality that for the reason that i won't be able to have the money for to purchase from the different little ones i'm forced to disappoint them while they arrive to my door.

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    yeah either in Myer or David Jones

    but you have to go to the kids section because well there for school

    you can also try like williams?

    but they might just have black

  • 1 decade ago


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