How can I place a small quantities clothing orders from China with my labels on?

I'm starting my own clothing retail business and I need to place an order from China but unfortunatelly for the time being I can order only 500 items from each model.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    OK this is tough to explain here. I almost didn't answer.

    First I am going to assume you live in the U.S.A.

    I would research the many textile manufacturers in North and South Carolina before I ordered from China. Especially since you quantity is limited. You can show them your designs and negotiate the price much more easily, not to mention you will be able to state made in America, which makes a difference.

    There are Apparel shows in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and L.A.

    At these shows they have wholesale fabric that you can buy in bulk.

    Or you can purchase the fabric from the manufacturer, but it will cost more.

    Once you have :

    Your Designs


    A manufacturer

    You can have you labels made in china or Korea. Just Google label manufacturer. You send them the label design, then purchase the labels in quantities of 1000. Usually costing about $.07 each.

    Now take the labels to your local manufacturer and they will put them in when they make you merchandise for about $.10 each.

    If you do get your merchandise made in China the same thing applies except you have to ship your labels to the manufacturer of your choice.

  • 6 years ago

    We are a Small Quantity Clothing Manufacturer (from 10 pieces/style)

    I'm a Fashion Designer from Vietnam and i just started my Fashion Line since Nov 2013, I've been living in Shanghai for 2 years because of my family. Recently I just hired some workers to produce my products, and they still have spared time to produce more, so i would like to offer this service to all the Designers out there who want to start up your own business. Because I understand exactly what you've been through. I live in China and i've been searching for many months for a Small Quantity Clothing Manufacturer, but after all i had to give up, it's just impossible, that's why i have to produce by my own

    As a Designer and have my own Fashion Line, quality is the most important thing for me. And I've been living 4 years in Switzerland, so i understand exactly how the European or Western Quality Control are.

    I offer full package of services for you as: sourcing fabric, design pattern, grade size, private label, name tag, shipping... We accept very Small Quantity, as 10 pieces/style/size to 200 pieces/style

    I will treat your products as carefully as mine, because i know how much you care about the quality. You can send me your designs, pictures of fabrics, i will go to choose the best fabrics as you wish, or you can send the fabric to me, but to be honest it will cost more for you, and we can find almost all type of fabrics in China.

    I provide a very high standard stitching details, similar to High-end Brands . I will send you the details pictures of the clothes i'm having now, so you can have the idea about it. We can produce anything : women clothes, men, children's, suits...

    The price is around 5-10usd/piece, depend on the fabric, the quantity, the difficutties of each designs. For sure my price are a bit higher than the big factory's prices, because they buy the big quantity of fabric, and they pay very cheap labors in the small town, they have massive machines to save a lot of times and works...

    I have some contacts with the cheapest shipping companies, it can be 5-10usd/kg from China to any country, depand on the quantity, as you know because China is the biggest exporting country, so we can find a very cheap shipping cost from here

    After all, I'm a very sincere person, i'm hoping to have a long-term business, so i wouldn't want to cheat you or produce some bad products for you from the first time. Besides, I'm looking for good contacts and business partners to expand my Fashion Line worldwide.

    Hope to have a good business with you

    My website:

    Please contact me at:

    Myan Viet

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    1 decade ago

    yes it is ok for you to do this

    you can contact with a factory in China directly, next, place a order to him with your own label on, then they will ship to you cargose after all goods finished, that is quite easy. do not worrid about, just try to do, you will be OK!

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