r some people blessed/cursed with a powerful mind?

i was more of an athlete as a child, i started playing guitar a while back and got a mentally chalenging job. the 2 combined has seemed to unlock my mind which i normally never used before or at least i didnt think i did because now iam noticing things very differently.

the part i hate about it is i cant have a conversation with anyone anymore without reading there mind, to the point where i loose all focus on the conversation. it started off as a curiousity thing but now i thhink its turning into a weird habit and its sure not helping out when people try and explain things to me

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    1 decade ago
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    OK let me tell you something, such intrusive THINGS as this are wrong!, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to go into people's heads. NO ONE has THE RIGHT to be creeping around in people's heads. Let me paraphrase an excerpt from one of the passages that Nostradamus spoke of in his quantrains.


    I read this years ago and at the time could not imagine why this would be, but after living around these creatures (for I will not give such persons the dignity of being called HUMAN, they are ABOMINATIONS) I have come to understand why Nostradamus said that and that IT IS A JUST END FOR THOSE PEOPLE.

    I live around a bunch of creeps like these and let me tell you this, if they can read thoughts, they should know this,


    Anyone who thinks that they have a right to INTRUDE and INVADE people's thoughts are simply behaving arrogantly and are EXTREMELY FOOLISH if they believe they will, or are, getting away with it "Scott free."

    Oh yeah, by the way, thanks for confirming what I already suspected.

    Go to Seattle, that's where all these freaks are converging and THAT is where they will all meet their just rewards.

    Such creatures are the enemies, now and forever more, of mankind. Regardless of how they attempt to utilize such a gift.

    In this life and the next.

    May those that use this to their own personal indulgence and/or gain (and their children and their children's children) be plagued for eternity by the ill actions of such behaviors.

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    I've started to note within the past years that I'm being feared by many of the students at my school, because apparently my mind things far differently, faster, and more intense than theirs.

    Does that count?

    I also find myself also trying to get into everyone's heads and find out exactly who they really are, and what they try to hide from others.

    Well, I don't know how to explain it..But I just try to get inside everyone's minds and try to figure them all out. It apparently creeps a lot of people out.

    My mind also has an intense violence and rage inside it that worries me. It's like there's a whole dark side to me that I'm trying to fight back.

    I don't think I answered your question though..Sorry?

    Source(s): Randomness. Boredom. I felt like typing and venting out some of my social/emotional problems through use of the question, I suppose.
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    I understand what you mean I have the same problem sometimes I can see that people think that they are helping or trying to solve the problems but they can't see what would be the outcome and I try to explain to them that what they are doing will make it worse they turn around thinking that I'm weird because they don't understand my point of view by explaining something to them that doesn't happen yet.

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