i need some advice on the religion wicca?

Should I practice wicca?

im really interested in the religion wicca.........

the only thing is that i wear a cross and believe in god, and i feel that by wearing my cross it protects me from evil, like the devil and possession.

is it evil to practice wicca, could it ever open the doors to demons?

since i believe in god then should i not practice wicca?

for wicca, do you do spells, and if so do they really work?

i also think i might want to become wiccan.........

so if theirs any advice then please tell me and i also want opinions on what i should do.


ps. i dont go to church and i dont pray i just i guess am comforted with my cross, so what im also wondering is if i even have a religion?

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    Here is some background. Godspeed.

    Wicca is a neo-pagan, nature-based religion popularized in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, who at the time called it Witchcraft.

    For most Wiccans, Wicca is a duotheistic religion worshiping both a God and a Goddess, who are seen as complementary polarities (akin to the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang), and "embodiments of a life-force manifest in nature. Traditionally, the Wiccan God is viewed as the Horned God of nature. The Goddess is usually portrayed as a Triple Goddess with aspects of "Maiden", "Mother" and "Crone".

    Beliefs in the after-life vary among Wiccans, although reincarnation is the traditional Wiccan teaching. Wiccans believe in magic that can be manipulated through witchcraft and sorcery. Wiccans cast spells learned through the ritual practices.

    Wiccans believe in the five classical elements. The five elements are:

    Air, symbolized by east.

    Fire, symbolized by south.

    Water, symbolized by west.

    Earth, symbolized by north.

    Spirit, which unites the other four in the center.

    Wiccans use a special set of magical tools in their rituals. These can include a broom, cauldron, chalice, wand, Book of Shadows, altar cloth, athame (dagger), boline (sickle shaped knife), candles, crystals, pentacle and/or incense.

    Wiccans also follow the Wheel of the Year and celebrate eight festivals known as Sabbat.

    One symbol used by the Wicca is the Triquetra derived from the Latin tri- ("three") and quetrus ("cornered"). Its original meaning was simply "triangle" and it has been used to refer to various three-cornered shapes.

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    The answer here is really simple: you need to figure out what you believe. The fact that you feel your cross keeps away demons doesn't mean a thing. Do you believe in the Christian God? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Then you're a Christian, not a Wiccan. It would make no more sense for you to practice Wicca than it would for you to practice Hinduism.

    Do you believe in multiple deities? Do you view the universe as the result of complementary dichotomies? Do you beleive in personal connection between us and our gods? Then Wicca might be for you.

    If you don't believe in any of thise, you're neither Christian nor Wiccan, which still makes Wicca a very silly thing for you to practice.

    Wicca is a religion. You follow it if you believe it. That's the only reason you follow it.

    So before you "become Wicca" you need to figure out 1) what you believe 2) what Wicca is and 3) whether your beliefs and that of Wicca are at all compatable.

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    4 years ago

    For someone who is thirteen, at least you realise that wicca is a religion and not witchcraft. Wiccans do practice witchcraft, but you don't have to be wiccan to do it, they are very different. The most important thing is you get to know yourself. Get to know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Find out who you are and what you like. Get into meditation and learn to build energy within your own aura. That's the start of learning to direct it later. The best website I know for general chat, asking questions and studying wicca is below. They have a great forum full of a lot of information on wicca. Its free too. The intro course in wicca which is equal to first initiation is also free. They also have a board just for teens. My name there is Sage White, though I'm not there very much. Take your time and learn as much as you can. There is no hurry. When you are ready, the right person/people will come along to take you further on your path.

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  • madart
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    Wicca is not evil. It is a nature based religion that acknowledges both the masculine and feminine aspect of the deity.

    Spell work is nothing more than a form of prayer.

    One of the main beliefs of Wicca is that whatever energy is put out returns threefold. Kind of like the golden rule with muscle behind it. Any true Wiccan thinks twice about wishing ill on anyone.

    Below is a link to get you acquainted with the basics of Wicca.

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  • You say you want to be Wiccan, yet you don't seem to know much about it. I get the sense that you are looking for the drama that you see in movies. If you're expecting magic and special effects, don't bother.

    If you're interested in the real substance of Wicca, take a look at a book called "The Truth About Witchcraft Today." by Scott Cunningham. I'm guessing you'll find it so boring and un-theatrical that you won't be interested. Good luck and blessed be.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My answer is the same as it was once you asked this earlier. If you're wearing a cross because you're afraid of the devil - you're not ready for Wicca or any pagan religion.

    When you are: 1) Ignore the fundies saying you’ll go to hell and are opening yourself up to demons. We don’t believe in either.

    2) Get the book: Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham (Amazon.com used books is a great resource)

    3) Avoid Silver Ravenwolf, DJ Conway and most Llewellyn books

    4) Do NOT pay for lessons over the internet. You can’t ask for references. Do NOT give out personal information to anyone over the internet. Get a PO Box.

    5) www.witchvox.com www.wicca.timerift.net

    6) Learn and keep learning about various paths in paganism.

    7) get the book: "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margo Adler (an older book that's a little dated, especially concerning Asatru but a good resource) - it gives an overview on a lot of pagan traditions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As I answered in your last question, Wicca is not evil. There is no harm in learning of our faith. But, if you do not feel that you truly want to learn about Wicca, then don't bother. It would be nice for you to know about the religion, just to know. I am Wiccan, learning about Christianity and other religions as well.

    I think it all comes down to, you need to research other religions. Try to find a religion that fits your beliefs.

    I will tell you, I used to be afraid of demons and stuff to. But I found out that it's all in the mind. If you believe that Demons exist, then they do in your own world.

    You are not going to get possessed. I also had a fear of that too. But it's fine. The more you stress out about it, the more you'll scare yourself.

    Only you know if you have a religion. Right now, you are what's called agnostic. You believe in a higher power, but not sure which one yet.

    It is okay to find comfort in your cross. I wear a necklace with a moon and star on it, and I feel safe with it on. What matters is, do you believe in the cross and what it symbolizes?

    All I can say is research. Research branches of Christianity if you believe in God. Research every other religion, until you know in your heart you found the right one...

    I don't know if your young, but you sound it. I am also young, but don't be naive. Only you will hurt yourself by obsessing over being possessed. It is okay to be cautious, but just because you open a link to a Wiccan website, does not by any means mean, that you are going to be possessed by 'demons'. It is all in your head.

    Once agian if you need advise or help, you can e-mail me if you wish. I also know someone who can explain what 'possession' is. He actually dealt with people who were believed to be possessed, but just had a mental mind problem. I can give you his e-mail if you like. He is right here on Yahoo Answers.

    Good Luck on your path. Stay true to your beliefs.

    Source(s): Wiccan seeker
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    Asking if you should practice Wicca when you know this little about it is like asking if you should start mountain climbing when you don't have any rope. Wicca is a beautiful and spiritually powerful path, but you should learn more about it, at the very least get your butt to a library and read a few books, before charging in headlong and buying yourself an athame and hub-cap sized pentacle.

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  • Wicca is a RELIGION.

    If you believe in the devil - you are, by definition, believing in the Christian mythos. This is not compatible with Wicca.

    As long as you believe in a devil and possession you are not going to be able to be a Wiccan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wicca is a complete *religion* in and of itself.

    The notion of the 'devil' is CHRISTIAN.

    There is no 'devil' or 'satan' IN Wicca.

    I'm neither Wiccan nor Christian; I recommend you research Wicca more; if you're still comforted by Christian symbols, that's fine, BUT you can't be BOTH Wiccan AND Christian!

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